Charlie Freyja

Charlie Freyja

Student | United Kingdom

MSc Reproductive & Sexual Health Research

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Charlie Mattey

Educational/professional background

BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences - Biology Pathway (Open University). Animal and human behaviour researcher. Freelance artist.

Research interests or career goals

Predominantly sexual health related: STIs - antimicrobial resistance; contraception - barriers to distribution; risk-taking sexual behaviour.

Why I chose LSHTM/my course

I did an additional 'communication in science' course as part of my undergraduate degree and we had to do a project on antimicrobial resistance. My options were tuberculosis or gonorrhoea. Obviously I picked the latter and got so into it that I wrote my dissertation on it and then found an MSc that let me go deeper down the rabbit to speak. The other major reason I picked the MSc Reproductive & Sexual Health Research is its twin-focus on methodology as well as relevant research interests. Everything I was worried I didn't know enough about or how to do has been well addressed with ample access to support.

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