Bronté Anderson

Bronté Anderson

Student | Full-time | Canada

MSc Public Health – General stream

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Bronte Anderson

Educational/professional background

Prior to studying at LSHTM, I completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies at the University of Toronto, in Canada. Through my undergraduate courses, I gained exposure to fields like epidemiology, health policy, sociology of health, and population health, all of which confirmed my interests in exploring a range of determinants of health and disease. Outside of my studies I worked as Clinical Research Assistant for the Kidney Transplant Program at Toronto General Hospital, where I learned about the challenges associated with improving kidney transplant and donation rates and outcomes. Furthermore, I worked as a Research Assistant for the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly. In this role, I conducted a scoping literature review on advance care planning for Canadian seniors diagnosed with dementia.

Research interests or career goals

Based on my prior work and personal experiences, I am particularly interested in strengthening my understanding of the social determinants of health. As a result, I hope to broaden my knowledge of social epidemiological methods, healthy public policy-making, and health systems whilst at LSHTM.

Why I chose LSHTM/my programme

I chose LSHTM thanks to its global reputation for excellence in public health leadership, diversity in faculty and students, as well as experience in delivering course content digitally. Given the global pandemic, I was especially reassured by LSHTM's experience in delivering course content virtually through distance learning. There are several topics covered by the modules for the MSc Public Health, renowned instructors and attention paid to student wellness; all of these factors were important to me during the process of choosing a graduate program. My choice to follow the General Stream was based on the stream’s broad module options plus flexibility when choosing a summer project.

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