Brian Wong

Alumni | Full-time | Canada, Malaysia

MSc Epidemiology

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Brian Wong

Educational/professional background

B.Sc Biomedical Science with a minor in Music, University of Ottawa.

What I enjoyed most about studying at LSHTM

The interactive outbreak investigation; the fantastic lectures, events and networking opportunities; meeting and studying with an amazing group of individuals, many of whom I remain in touch (and work) with to this day.

Since graduating I have been...

  • Pursuing (and am nearly finished) a PhD in cardiovascular science at UCL; staying involved with youth engagement work & global health policy/advocacy/diplomacy training.
  • I founded the London Model WHO simulation (inaugural conference held at LSHTM in 2017) and UK Model WHO network.
  • Working for Public Health England’s Immunisation and Countermeasures Division doing surveillance and field epidemiology work to support the national COVID-19 response.
  • Working as Youth Officer for The Lancet & Financial Times “Governing Health Futures 2030: Growing up in a digital world” commission.

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