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Infectious Diseases by Distance Learning

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Aye Thar Aye

Educational/professional background

I have been working as a doctor for 10 years in 4 different countries; Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore and now in the UK. After a decade of spending my life in both developing and developed countries, I have realized microbiota is very unique in a way that the human body is the world for the other little living creatures, thereby interlinking the ecological system, and the disease arises even though the behavior will be more or less different. This unique picture of infectious disease attracted me to dig in more and more lives could be saved if the relationships between human and disease-causing microorganism are interrupted.

Why I chose LSHTM/my course

There is no doubt that everyone will be ‘Wow…’ when I am graduated from LSHTM and I believe I could hold my head high once I pass the valued course! I decided to choose the distance learning because the study hours are quite flexible and it provides me all I need with one click in both MSc Infectious Disease course and medical literature search.

What I have enjoyed most about my course

Distance learning students can access the LSHTM online library at any time. I think it is one of the best facilities to students. The provided study materials and the online teaching sessions like panopto video teaching make me feel like the same in a lecture theatre, and I could enjoy my study at any time at home in a relaxed way with my own speed. If I don’t understand the topic, then I just write in the discussion forum and either tutor or lecturer will reply with a clear explanation in a week. So, I don’t see any difference between on-campus and distance learning. The distance learning course saves me time, saves me money and teaches me all I need to know all about infectious disease in a relaxed way. Persistence and time management are the essential requirements if you choose a distance learning course. Should you manage these two, you could enjoy your life with less study stress. Believe it! While I am attending the distance learning course, I am still working in the hospital through the sleepless on-call nights.

How my programme will help my career

I expect myself to be a good researcher and an acute physician with special interest in infectious disease in Myanmar after I am competent in the required knowledge and skills in infectious disease. I could achieve knowledge from LSHTM and I need to try to be in the specialty training for clinical skills.

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