Alan Lim

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MSc Demography & Health

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Alan Lim

Educational/professional background

I was a third-year medical student at The University of Hong Kong and I took the MSc Demography & Health programme as an intercalated degree.

Research interests or career goals

I have always been interested in social policy and different population issues. With a background in medicine, I have developed a research interest in the intersection between social policies and population health, particularly through examining the various demographic determinants of health, such as migration, fertility and life expectancy. 

After the MSc Demography & Health, I will return to medical school in Hong Kong and complete my clinical years. In the future, I aspire to make contributions to community health and healthcare policies. I plan to pursue speciality training in public health medicine, working in either the government or the university setting. 

Why I chose LSHTM/my programme

Population health is inherently an interdisciplinary subject which involves not only clinical medicine and epidemiology but also many areas of the social sciences. I believe the master's programme could equip me with the necessary quantitative and qualitative skills to pursue a further career in this field. LSHTM is a world-class public health institute where I could engage with other like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds and truly broaden my horizons.

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