Cause of acute febrile illness in the Philippines - NU/LSHTM project

Title of PhD project / theme

Cause of acute febrile illness in the Philippines

Supervisory team


Koya Ariyoshi (lead,

Chris Smith (

Annavi Villanueva


Robin Bailey ( )

Martin Hibberd (

Brief description of project / theme

This study aims to further understanding of febrile illness linked with an ongoing fever study (assessing children and adults with suspected bacterial infection) and a new planned central nervous system (CNS) study in Metro Manila, the Philippines.

The exact nature of the project would require further input from the potential student, with input from the supervisors.

One potential focus of the project could be to utilize molecular methods to generate updated information on the clinical and molecular epidemiology of CNS infections, and the establishment and evaluation of a multiplex real-time PCR system for the detection of viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens together with metagenomic approaches, in collaboration with the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Tokyo, Japan.

Results from this study aim to address knowledge gaps on febrile illness in the Philippines.

The role of LSHTM and NU in this collaborative project

NU: support for fieldwork in the Philippines including PCR, clinical tropical medicine

LSHTM: support phylogenetic analyses and molecular epidemiology aspects

Particular prior educational requirements for a student undertaking this project

Masters degree in related field

Skills we expect a student to develop/acquire whilst pursuing this project

Sequencing, bioinformatics, molecular epidemiology