It’s important to look after your general well-being. Try to find healthy ways to relieve stress, especially when you’re away from home, friends and family.

In addition to counselling and mental health advice, we offer LSHTM students a number of free activities and support to help your general well-being so you can make the most of your time. 

This includes:

  • Weekly half-price yoga
  • Free termly massage
  • Free termly therapy dog visit
  • Tea and talk drop-ins with free drinks and snacks


Students can also take part in our award-winning Pentacell scheme which aims to strengthen the School community, increase wellbeing and contribute to LSHTM’s goal of improving health worldwide. 

The idea is deceptively simple – five people meet weekly for five weeks and listen to each other’s ideas and perspectives. Group members share their passions and perceptions, their outlooks and opinions. Through this, you contribute to other students’ well-being as well as strengthening your own.