The information on this page relates to registration for our 2018-19 face-to-face programmes and can be referred to as a guide. Information for 2019-20 will be available from summer 2019.

Where will registration and orientation take place?

LSHTM main registration sessions will take place in our main building (often referred as "Keppel Street" building). Some course-specific sessions might also take place in our other building, situated 5-10 mins walk away in Tavistock Place (also referred as "Tavistock Place"). Please make sure to check which building you need to be. The address for each is:

  • LSHTM, Keppel Street, London WC1E 7HT
  • LSHTM, 15-17 Tavistock Pl, London WC1H 9SH
What happens during your first week at LSHTM?

The first week of the programme includes LSHTM's main registration sessions on Monday 24 & Tuesday 25 September 2018 and a compulsory orientation programme for all new students in order to introduce them to LSHTM and their chosen degree programme. 

Completing your pre-registration

Prior to the LSHTM's registration sessions, all new students will be sent a personalised invitational email containing a unique link to our online pre-registration portal. All new students are required to complete the pre-registration task prior to arriving at LSHTM.

If you are unable to complete the pre-registration task in advance, you will be asked to do so upon arrival at LSHTM using one of our computers. However, in doing so, you may experience a delay in receiving your student ID pass. We therefore strongly recommend that you complete the pre-registration task in advance of arriving to avoid this delay.

If you have not received your personalised pre-registration email, or if you have any issues completing this task please feel free to contact the Registry directly:

Where do I need to go to complete registration?

LSHTM's registration sessions will take place in the Library in our Keppel Street building. Please check the orientation programme for details of the timing of your programme’s registration session.

Please note, continuing part-time taught master’s and full-time/part-time research degrees student are not required to attend LSHTM's registration events.

What happens when I arrive to complete registration?

Each degree programme has an allotted registration slot. Please check the orientation week timetable for details of the timing of your programme’s registration session.

Upon arrival in the Library, providing you have completed the pre-registration task and uploaded a suitable photo for your ID card, and had your visa and/or passport/EU identity card checked, you will be invited to collect your ID card. Following this, you will be able to complete registration.

If you have not completed the pre-registration task prior to your arrival, you will be asked to do so at the IT support desk in the Library, prior to joining the queue to have your visa and/or passport/EU identity card checked and complete your registration.

How do I complete registration?

Each degree programme has an allotted registration slot. You will be sent an orientation week timetable in advance which will include details of the timing of your programme’s registration session.

During registration, our Immigration Advisory Service team will verify your ID (visa and/or passport/EU identity card) with the details you have provided during pre-registration. Registry staff will then check that you have satisfied all the requirements of the conditions of your Offer of Admission, including the arrangements for paying tuition fees, and check that you have completed the pre-registration task.

Please ensure that you bring the following items in order to complete registration:

  • Any outstanding documentation as stated in your Offer of Admission (eg. original qualification certificates, evidence of English language qualifications, original evidence of financial support)
  • Your passport(s) and visa, if applicable (we need to check your full legal name, date of birth and nationality/immigration status)
What happens if I miss my registration session?

Students who miss their dedicated registration session will be able to register in the Welcome Zone from Wednesday 26 September 2018 until Friday 28 September 2018, or in the Registry office after this date.

Where original documents are required, am I allowed to bring photocopies or scans only?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept photocopies or scans of original documents, as we need to verify these against the original version(s).

When should I pay my tuition fees, what do I do if I have a US loan and how can I request a receipt?

Tuition fees should be paid in full by Monday 24 September 2018. Payments instructions can be found on our website or with your invoice.

If you have yet to receive a tuition fees invoice please contact

US Federal Loan students will be contacted individually by our Tuition Fees team once their disbursement has been processed.

Tuition fee payment receipts can be requested from Monday 15 October 2018 onwards - please contact

Can I start my degree programme if I have not achieved the required English language test score?

Unfortunately, students are not permitted to register at LSHTM unless they have provided original evidence proving that they have achieved LSHTM's required English language test score. 

If you have not achieved the required score, you should contact the Admissions team ( immediately.

Students who have not met LSHTM's minimum English language test score are strongly advised not to attempt to travel to London, as they will not be permitted to register at LSHTM and may be refused entry at the UK border.

When can I access the LSHTM's IT services, email account and attend classes and lectures?

Providing the pre-registration task has been completed in full, students will be able to access LSHTM's IT services and email systems from 24 September 2018 onwards.

Students who do not complete pre-registration by this date may experience a slight delay accessing these services until the registration processes are complete and LSHTM systems have been updated.

Upon completion of LSHTM’s registration process, students are permitted to attend classes and lectures.

What happens if I am unable to arrive by 24 September 2018?

If you are unable to arrive at LSHTM by Monday 24 September 2018, you should contact our Admissions team ( as soon as possible, stating the reasons for your late arrival and your expected arrival date.

The last permitted arrival/registration date for all of LSHTM's degree programmes is Monday 8 October 2018. While this is the final date for registration, we strongly encourage you to arrive as early as possible to avoid missing vital early lectures and classes for your programme.

When can I get a bank or council tax certificate and how do I apply for a student Oyster card?

New students will be able to request bank and council tax letters from 12pm on Wednesday 26 September 2018. 

New students can apply for a student Oyster card online via the TfL website. Please note, we will not be able to validate your student Oyster card application until you have completed the registration process.

Where can I find the Registry and what are the opening hours?

The Registry is located in G90a, in the Keppel Street building.

The opening hours throughout Orientation Week are as follows: 

  • Friday 21 September - Closed all day
  • Monday 24 September - Closed all day
  • Tuesday 25 September - Closed all day
  • Wednesday 26 September - Open 10–2pm
  • Thursday 27 September - Open 10–2pm
  • Friday 28 September - Open 10–2pm

For further information, please visit the Registry page