Offer of admission - what to do next

This information applies to both master's and research degree students who have received an Offer of Admission from LSHTM.

Frequently asked questions

Read our frequently asked questions which explain more about the forms you need to complete and submit to Registry. In addition to the signed offer of admission, a number of documents will be required from you before you can register for your study with us. You should refer to your offer letter to check which of the following conditions apply to you.

Original evidence of qualifications  

You will need to show original evidence of your highest qualification, this can be either your award certificate or your final transcript confirming your award. We must see the original document, certified copies will not be accepted. If you require a Tier 4 student visa to study in the UK we will return your original certificate/transcript to you via a secure courier.

Financial evidence or proof of sponsorship

Overseas students requiring a Tier 4 visa
If you require a Tier 4 student visa you will need to supply either a sponsor letter or a bank statement. Further guidance for international students can be found on our visa & immigration pages. You should submit your financial evidence with your CAS request form and make sure that it meets all of the Tier 4 student visa requirements, otherwise the processing of your CAS request will be delayed.

Home, European and non Tier 4

  • If you are being sponsored for your studies you need to provide a  sponsor letter indicating the amount of funding
  • If you are paying your own tuition fees you do not need to supply any further evidence

English language

You must meet the LSHTM's minimum English language requirements.