University of London Student Homes

The Student Homes scheme offers an easy way for LSHTM students to secure affordable private accommodation managed by University of London Housing Services.  Most properties are in Zone 2 or 3, within easy commuting distance of LSHTM.

Key benefits:

  • Good value properties sourced by University of London Housing Services
  • No requirement for a UK-based guarantor
  • Rooms are rented individually (no need to find group for a joint tenancy)
  • Can be secured from overseas
  • Property management provided by University of London
  • Contents insurance is provided

See the available properties.

Accommodation contract dates

Contracts usually start a week or so before the start of the LSHTM academic year, and run for 51 weeks.

Typical rents

Rents range from around £130 - £180 per week, depending on location and room size.

Where possible, we aim to ensure that only LSHTM students share these properties, but occasionally other postgraduate (or mature undergraduate) students may share the property with you.

Please note: students on the MSc Vet Epi and MSc One Health courses will have to provide their own UK-based guarantor as LSHTM is not the lead institution for these courses.  Students on the MSc Global Mental Health should enquire via Student Homes whether Kings (the lead instituion) is able to act as guarantor.