Sources of funding for students from South America

As a general rule it is advisable that, in the first instance, you should contact your own Ministry of Education or Education Department, which will have details of most schemes and which will be able to advise you of your own government's conditions for studying abroad.

You should check carefully the eligibility criteria for any of the funding organisations before you apply to them.

South American applicants can seek assistance with fees and maintenance for research programmes from certain Government agencies within their own country. The agencies concerned include:

Brazil: CNPq, Av W3 Norte Q511, Bloco A, Edificio Bittar II, 70750 Brasilia DF, Brazil or at:

Chile: AGCI, National Scholarship of the Chilean Government, Providencia 1017, Santiago, Chile or at:

Colombia: Colciencias, Transversal, 9A No 133-28, PO Box 051580, Santafe de Bogota, Colombia or at:

Mexico: Conacyt, Av Constityentes No 1046, Col Lomas Atlas, CP 11950 Mexico DF, Mexico or at:

Venezuela: Conicit, Apartado 70617, Los Ruices, Caracas, Venezuela or at:

Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

JJ/WBGS sponsors students from developing countries to pursue one of the preferred and partner masters programs at participating universities around the world. Scholars must commit to returning home to their countries upon graduation in order to use their enhanced knowledge and skills towards their community's, country's or region's development. Learn more about the program.