DrPH OPA Travelling Scholarships 2017-18

Travelling scholarships for current students

Current DrPH students at the School are invited to apply for competitive funding support for their Organisational and Policy Analysis (OPA) projects. Awards are designed to support travel costs directly associated with OPA fieldwork (travel and associated subsistence/accommodation costs). Successful candidates will be made awards of up to GBP 2,000.00.

Applicants should be aware that preference will be given to applications for visits to Low or Lower-Middle Income Countries. Furthermore, if your fieldwork is to be based in your home country, then this must not fall in the same geographic region as your residence.


Applicants must be currently registered on a DrPH course at the School.  

How to apply

Applicants must submit, in a single email to the scholarships team:

  • a completed 2017-18 DrPH OPA Travelling Scholarship Application form,
  • a fully costed budget with justification for costs (and your request for the scholarship funding) and an indication of which costs this application covers, and
  • an OPA project proposal, which should include a background statement; the objectives of your study; a description of the work to be done, the methods used, and the anticipated outcomes; a description of the features of the institute being visited that makes it a suitable venue (max 4 pages) by the deadline.

Applications will be assessed on the merit of the project. Documentation provided will be scrutinised for feasibility and reasonable economy.

Incomplete applications will not be considered for this funding.

Please note that if you are successful in obtaining an award, you must agree to abide by the relevant Terms & Conditions.

The deadline for receipt of complete applications is midnight (BST) on Sunday 25 March 2018