Bloomsbury and East London Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) ESRC Research Studentships – 2023 Entry

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) is a member of UBEL, the UCL, Bloomsbury and East London Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP). This is an ESRC-funded organisation which brings together five leading Social Science institutions (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, University College London, School of Oriental and African Studies, Birkbeck and University of East London) to offer PhD studentships each year.

UBEL is one of the largest ESRC-funded Doctoral Training Partnerships in the UK, offering studentships over a wide range of pathways in areas that span across the social sciences and economics. In order to organise so many interdisciplinary and cross-institutional studentships, the DTP comprises 25 different pathways, in 7 groupings across these 5 London institutions.

Disciplinary Pathways

LSHTM is currently pathway lead for 2 of the 25 pathways:

The School is also a member of 2 other pathways:

Available routes

The main variants of the awards are 1+3 (for applicants who do not have a relevant Masters), or +3 (for students who already have a Masters).  Please note, it is possible that this award can be for 3, 3.25 or 3.5 years. LSHTM is not able to offer the +4 route on any of the pathways.

Further information about each route available for 2022 entry can be found via the Preliminary Application Guidance on the UBEL website.

Awards available

Please refer to the  UBEL ESRC DTP website and the Preliminary Application Guidance for full details.

2022-23 UKRI Studentships are open to all applicants (both 'Home' and 'Overseas' fee status), with doctoral training programmes able to offer up to 30% of total awards available to international applicants. International applicants will be expected to top up the studentship award with an alternative scholarship or bursary, unless they qualify for LSHTM’s bursary scheme to cover fee top up costs. Awardees may not use family/personal funds or their ESRC stipend to cover the top up. Please see the LSHTM statement for further details.

How to apply

You should follow the steps below before submitting a preliminary application:

  1. Contact the leading academic for the pathway of your choice.
  2. Together with the pathway lead you will be expected to contact relevant members of academic staff in order to discuss your research ideas and identify two potential supervisors.  They will need to complete parts of your ESRC preliminary studentship application form.

  3. Only ONE application per applicant for an ESRC studentship beginning in 2023 may be submitted to the UBEL DTP.

  4. Please ensure you complete ALL questions on the application which apply to you.

  5. The application process itself is being conducted centrally by the ESRC UBEL DTP.  Further information can be found here.

The deadline to submit a preliminary application is 23:59 on Wednesday 30 November 2022.

By submitting an application for this funding applicants agree to its Terms and Conditions.

Incomplete applications will not be considered for this funding. 

If you have more general enquiries regarding the ESRC UBEL at LSHTM, then please contact Simon Cohn in the first instance.

Please note that all applications will only be reviewed and processed after the deadline.  All applications that are submitted before the deadline will be considered equally, regardless of submission date.