UCL, Bloomsbury and East London Doctoral Training Partnership - Health and Wellbeing pathway


Pathway leader: Andrew Hutchings


The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine’s (LSHTM) research and training agenda is responsive to existing and emerging health priorities and yields major policy relevant research findings in the areas of social determinants of health and disease, the evaluation of public health interventions, the financing and performance of health systems, and the health and environmental impacts of globalisation. 


Two routes are available:

  • Health Economics
  • Social Science Approaches in Public Health and Health Services Research

Information about each pathway, and the structure options available, follows below.

Health Economics 
Available routes: 1+3, +3 or +4

(1+3 students will undertake the MSc Public Health - Health Economics stream)

This pathway provides multidisciplinary training in public health and health economics. Studentships in this area will contribute to knowledge and understanding in the fields of economic evaluation or the application of health economic methods to health policy or decision analysis, with reference to high-, low- and middle-income countries.

Social Science Approaches in Public Health and Health Services Research
Available routes: 1+3, +3, +4

(1+3 students undertake MSc Public Health - Health Services Research stream)

This pathway reflects a formal strategy to consolidate and extend social science as applied to public health relating to any relevant topic. Consequently, rather than be defined by subject, studentships in this area will not only contribute in terms of complementary methodologies that address health topics (such as the utilisation of qualitative techniques), but also to the development and/or application of relevant social theory – for example, Practice Theory, STS & ANT, Critical Realism, Complexity and Systems Theory.


This is an open competition for up to four full time ESRC studentships (1+3, +3 or +4) on any topic that falls within the remit of the cluster. In order to progress through the preliminary and final selection process you will need to have made contact with a relevant staff member at the School who would be willing to be your supervisor and support your application.

To make direct contact with prospective supervisors you can search for staff members and their interests via the School’s website. The majority of social scientists (anthropologists, sociologists, economists, etc) are being based in the Faculty of Public Health and Policy.

Alternatively, some staff members have provided possible areas of research below. Please contact them directly if the keywords or projects are of interest. Please note, depending on staff experience, in some instances you may also have to secure a second supervisor.

Applicants for this cluster are encouraged to discuss AQM stipend possibilities with the cluster leader.