Module specifications 2017-18

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Module Term
Advanced Diagnostic Parasitology Term 2
Advanced Immunology 1 Term 2
Advanced Immunology 2 Term 2
Advanced Statistical Methods in Epidemiology Term 3
Advanced Statistical Modelling Term 3
Advanced Training in Molecular Biology Term 2
AIDS Term 3
Analysis and Design of Research Studies Term 1
Analysis of Hierarchical & Other Dependent Data Term 2
Analytical Models for Decision-Making Term 2
Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Term 3
Applied Communicable Disease Control Term 2
Applying Public Health Principles in Developing Countries Term 3
Bacteriology & Virology Term 1
Basic Epidemiology Term 1
Basic Parasitology Term 2
Basic Statistics for Public Health and Policy Term 1
Childhood Eye Disease Term 2
Clinical Bacteriology 1 Term 2
Clinical Bacteriology 2 Term 2
Clinical Immunology Term 2
Clinical Trials Term 1
Clinical Virology Term 2
Conflict and Health Term 2
Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections Term 2
Current Issues in Maternal & Perinatal Health Term 2
Demographic Methods Term 1
Design and Analysis of Epidemiological Studies Term 2
Design and Evaluation of Mental Health Programmes Term 2
Designing Disease Control Programmes in Developing Countries Term 2
Drugs Alcohol and Tobacco Term 2
Economic Analysis for Health Policy Term 2
Economic Evaluation Term 2
Environment Health and Sustainable Development Term 1
Environmental Epidemiology Term 2
Environmental Health Policy Term 3
Epidemiological Methods Applied to Eye Diseases Term 1
Epidemiology and Control of Communicable Diseases Term 2
Epidemiology and Control of Malaria Term 2
Epidemiology in Practice Term 1
Epidemiology of Non-Communicable Diseases Term 2
Ethics Public Health & Human Rights Term 2
Evaluation of Public Health Interventions Term 2
Extended Epidemiology Term 1
Extended Project Term 2
Family Planning Programmes Term 2
Foundations in Reproductive Health Term 1
Foundations for Health Promotion Term 1
Foundations of Medical Statistics Term 1
Fundamental Public Health Nutrition Term 1
Fundamentals in Global Mental Health Term 1
Generalised Linear Models Term 2
Global Disability and Health Term 2
Globalisation and Health Term 2
Health Care Evaluation Term 2
Health Policy Process and Power Term 1
Health Promotion Approaches and Methods Term 2
Health Services Term 1
Health Services Management Term 3
Health Systems Term 2
History and Health Term 2
Immunology of Infectious Diseases Term 1
Immunology of Parasitic Infection Principles Term 2
Implementing eye care: skills and resources Term 2
Integrated Vector Management Term 3
Integrating Module: Health Promotion Term 3
Introduction to Disease Agents & Their Control Term 1
Introduction to Health Economics Term 1
Introduction to Statistical Computing Term 1
Issues in Public Health Term 1
Maternal and Child Nutrition Term 2
Medical Anthropology and Public Health Term 2
Modelling and the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases Term 2
Molecular Biology Term 1
Molecular Biology & Recombinant DNA Techniques Term 2
Molecular Biology Research Progress and Applications Term 2
Molecular Cell Biology and Infection Term 3
Molecular Virology Term 2
Mycology Term 3
Neglected Tropical Diseases Term 3
Non Communicable Eye Disease Term 2
Nutrition in Emergencies Term 2
Nutrition Programme Planning Term 3
Nutrition-Related Chronic Disease Term 2
Organisational Management Term 2
Parasitology and Entomology Term 1
Pathogen Genomics Term 3
Population Dynamics and Projections Term 2
Population Poverty and Environment Term 2
Population Studies Term 1
Practical Skills for Clinical Research Term 2
Principles and Practice of Public Health Term 3
Principles of Social Research Term 1
Proposal Development Term 3
Public Health Programmes in Eye Care Term 1
Qualitative Methodologies Term 2
Research Design & Analysis Term 2
Reviewing the Literature Term 2
Robust Statistical Methods Term 1
Sexual Health Term 2
Skills for Field Projects in Eye Care Term 1
Social Epidemiology Term 2
Sociological Approaches to Health Term 2
Spatial Epidemiology in Public Health Term 2
Statistical Methods in Epidemiology Term 2
Statistics for Epidemiology and Population Health Term 1
Study Design Writing a Study Proposal Term 2
Survival Analysis and Bayesian Statistics Term 2
Tropical Environmental Health Term 2
Tropical medicine, parasitology & public health Term 1
Vaccine Immunology Term 3
Vector Biology and Vector Parasite Interaction Term 2
Vector Sampling Identification and Incrimination Term 2