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The Department of Immunology and Infection (IID) aims to understand the mechanisms of protection and pathogenesis of infectious diseases. Our research disciplines include pathogen genetics, cell biology, mechanisms of innate and acquired immunity, immunopathology, immuno-epidemiology, vaccination, drug discovery and immunotherapy. Work ranges from experimental models in the UK to large-scale field studies abroad.

We conduct research on a range of infectious agents:

  • bacteria (Burkholderia pseudomalleiMycobacterium tuberculosisM.lepraeStreptococcus pneumoniaeEscherichia coli K1)
  • helminths (schistosomiasis, intestinal nematodes)
  • protozoa (leishmania and malaria)
  • viruses (Epstein-Barr virus)

Publications by department staff can be viewed in the School’s online repository.  

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