Vaccine trial in Gambia

The Vaccine Centre works to develop new vaccines, evaluate their biological potential and optimise vaccine programmes and policies.

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Bringing vaccine research together

The Vaccine Centre (VaC) is a collaborative partnership of over 100 scientists hosted by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine that aims to improve human and animal health through vaccination.



Recorded webinars from World Immunization Week 2020

You can access all the webinars recorded for LSHTMs World Immunization Week 2020 on 'vaccines throughout the life course' on this page...

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VaC COVID-19 page

The Vaccine Centre has launched a new page dedicated to the COVID-19 response and progress towards a vaccine...

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nCoV tracker_VaC_parker2

nCoV tracker_VaC_parker

Contextualising the coronavirus outbreak: a comparative mapping tool

A new mapping tool created by Dr Edward Parker from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine tracks the history of the novel coronavirus and other recent outbreaks. 

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Upcoming events

Upcoming events

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