Vaccine trial in Gambia

The Vaccine Centre works to develop new vaccines, evaluate their biological potential and optimise vaccine programmes and policies.

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Bringing vaccine research together

The Vaccine Centre (VaC) is a collaborative partnership of over 100 scientists hosted by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine that aims to improve human and animal health through vaccination.

Global Conference on Group B Strep - cover image

Global Conference on Group B Strep - cover image

ISSAD Conference 2021

The Vaccine Centre is co-hosting this important global conference in November, calls fo abstracts are now open. Attendance is free but registration is required.

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Vaccine FAQs

We've just updated our Vaccine FAQs to include animations summarising the latest research on vaccines in pregnancy. We launched the Vaccine FAQs page in 2020 to address  an unprecedented number of questions from the public and the media about vaccines and vaccine research...

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VaC tracker 2

VaC tracker 2

'Live reviews' of COVID-19 vaccine candidates added to tracker

The VaC COVID-19 vaccine candidate tracker has been updated and now includes 'living reviews' from published trial reports.... 

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Illustration of COVID-19 particle with E,S and M proteins


VaC COVID-19 page

The Vaccine Centre has launched a new page dedicated to the COVID-19 response and progress towards a vaccine...

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World Immunization Week 2021 and VaC Annual Lecture

Stay tuned for the announcement of our full programme of events for World Immunization Week 24th-30th of April covering a wide range of vaccine topics culminating in our Annual Lecture...

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Caption:A clinician prepares a dose of Pneumococcal vaccine at Basse Hospital. Credit: Louis Leeson/LSHTM

Caption: A clinician prepares a dose of Pneumococcal vaccine at Basse Hospital. Credit Louis Leeson/LSHTM

Benefits of routine childhood vaccines far outweigh risks of additional COVID-19 transmission in Africa

New modelling work done by members of the Vaccine Centre community on continuing routine immunisations during the pandemic...

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