World Immunization Week 2021

For World Immunization Week 2021 the VaC is hosting a series of remote events focusing each day on an important area of vaccine research, science and debate.
WIW 2021 VaC

This year the VaC is marking World Immunization Week 2021 with a series of online talks -the theme of the week this  year is  'vaccines brings us closer''.

The VaC programme aims to highlight research work at LSHTM and within our networks on vaccines.

Day 1 of World Immunization Week on Monday 26th of April we start with an event looking new developments for vaccines against diarrhoeal illnesses which  continue to kill over half a million young children each year especially in the developing world. 

Day 2 on  Tuesday the 27th of April our event focuses on the current debate around vaccine passports in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our expert speakers will focus on the ethical , logistical and and technical issues around vaccine passports. 

Day 3 Wednesday the 28th of April our webinar focuses on maternal vaccination, specifically on vaccines that are currently undergoing clinical trials and are aiming to protect newborn babies from RSV and Group B streptococcus.

Day 4 Thursday the 29th of April the webinar  will look at the cutting edge use of controlled human infection models to accelerate the development of  the next generation vaccines against bacterial and viral respiratory pathogens, such as pertussis and SarS-CoV-2

On the final day of the  programme on Friday the 30th of April will be the Vaccine Centre Annual Lecture.  Dr Rino Rappuoli from GSK will be delivering the address “Vaccines and monoclonals to regain our freedom” looking at the development of vaccines against COVID-19 over the last year 

Download the full programme.


Did you miss the live events? Please see recordings of the sessions here:

Day 1 Vaccines against diarrhoeal illnesses Dr Ed Parker, LSHTM & Professor Calman McLennan Oxford/BactiVaC/BMGF

Day 2 COVID-19 vaccine passports or certification: a good or bad idea? Prof James Wilson, UCL & Dr Edgar Whitley, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Day 3 Enhancing mother’s gifts: Up and coming vaccines for pregnant women to protect their newborns from infections Professor Kirsty le Doare, St George’s UL/MRC Uganda Virus Research Institute (MRC/UVRI) & Dr Fiona Culley, Imperial College London

Day 4 Human challenge models to advance vaccines against respiratory pathogens Dr Chris Chiu, Imperial College London & Professor Robert Read, University of Southampton

Day 5 Vaccine Centre Annual Lecture:  “Vaccines and monoclonals to regain our freedom” Dr Rino Rappuoli, GSK


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