Meet our student liaisons

Adolescent theme liaisons

Alice Bayingana

Alice Bayingana

MSc Global Mental Health, A-Theme Liaison

I’m a student in the MSc Global Mental Health program at LSHTM and KCL. Prior to joining the MSc, I was working as a Research Associate in the Office of the Vice Chancellor at the University of Global Health Equity where most of my work was focused on child mental health and access to care issues.

My journey into global health research started at Partners In Health through the Global Health Corps fellowship program where I was involved in conducting and facilitating research on various topics including integrating health services at the primary care level, child mortality, and mental health care to name a few. I continue to be interested in finding new ways to improve the research capacity of Rwandan health care professionals and increase the quality and quantity of homegrown knowledge.

Outside of research, I have also spent time at Agahozo Shalom Youth Village, an education-centered organization that serves Rwandan orphans and vulnerable youth, creating and piloting a sexual and reproductive health curriculum for high school age students. I’m passionate about access to health care, especially as it relates to adolescents and young people accessing sexual and reproductive health and mental health services and education.

Ivan Fabrizzio Canaval Diaz in green jumper with arms folded against a brick background

Ivan Fabrizzio Canaval Diaz

MSc Public Health, A-Theme Liaison

I’m a junior Medical Doctor who has been exposed to public health since I was a Medical Student. As part student I held positions as Regional Director for The Americas and Vice-President of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) working to strengthen the capacities of national NGOs advocating around public health priorities.

I have a huge passion for youth representation, which took me to lead and advocate initiatives in different international forums. I’ve collaborated with the Pan American Health Organization as mentor to the Youth for Health group and was intern and consultant at the Regional Office of UNICEF Regional Office for Latin America and The Caribbean, where I developed initiatives around public health emergencies, adolescents’ mental health and non-communicable diseases.

Birth theme liaisons

Kalkidan Belayneh

Kalkidan Belayneh

MSc Public Health, B-Theme Liaison

I am a Medical Doctor from Ethiopia currently studying as a MSc Public Health- Health Economics Stream student as a 2020/2021 Chevening Scholar.  I graduated from Addis Ababa University in 2016 and  served as the Lecturer of Pediatrics and Child Health  at the university.  I also worked as Director of  Clinical Governance and  Quality Improvement  Unit and later as Medical Director of Jamma Primary Hospital in Ethiopia.

I am the outgoing Deputy Director-General for System Strengthening of the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency where I oversaw various supply chain transformation flagship initiatives and system strengthening activities under the Federal Ministry of Health.  I am a 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow and studied Public Management at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. I am one of the 2019 Obama Leaders of the Obama Foundation’s  Africa Program  and  also selected as the 2019 100 Most Influential Young Africans by African Youth Awards.

 I have been involved in various initiatives with nonprofit organizations and social movements that work to address the health care gap in Ethiopia focusing on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right. I am interested in working towards building resilience health systems and public health programs in low resource settings.

Haddy Jagne

MSc Public Health, B-Theme Liaison

Child theme liaisons

Iqra Ilyas

Iqra Ilyas

MSc Public Health, C-Theme Liaison

I am studying MSc Public Health at LSHTM soon after my medical degree. I am a Pakistani, born and raised in Uganda, and through this multicultural upbringing, discovered my passion for health and health inequity.

In my pre-clinical years, I conducted community-based education and research in two remote villages in eastern and central Uganda. This experience, along with my clinical training helped develop my interest and pursuit of Public Health practice. In collaboration with a local hospital, I set up an NGO aimed to put into practice the Health for all SDG.

I have worked at Uganda’s National hospital, the biggest maternal and neonatal unit and the largest nutritional unit for children. This journey has encouraged my enthusiasm for maternal and child health in addition to sexual and reproductive health. Through IFMSA (international federation for medical students’ association) I had the opportunity to experience health care delivery in Japan and Germany and this experience stressed the gap between HIC and LMIC, which I hope to bridge.

As an SLO for MARCH, I look forward to engaging in discussions focused on improving child health. I am excited to be part of a team actively working towards healthier communities.

Sarah Collins

Sarah Collins

MSc Public Health for Development, C-Theme Liaison

I am a South African trained medical doctor passionate about child health. I have worked in clinical practice in South Africa and in paediatric emergency medicine in London. I applied to LSHTM after becoming increasingly certain about wanting to pursue a career in public health. My specific area of interest when joining the school was childhood HIV in Southern Africa. While still eager to further my knowledge and contribution towards this topic, joining MARCH has expanded my paradigm on issues affecting children in low to middle income countries. I’m enthusiastic about engaging in discussions about gaps in child health and increasing awareness about such. I am part of the MSc Public Health for Development.

Comms and Engagement Liaisons

Ana Bolio wearing a stripy jumper with city in background and blue skies

Ana Bolio

MSc Public Health, Comms & Engagement Liaison

I am a Medical Doctor from Mexico City currently studying the MSc in Public Health. Prior to applying to this master, I worked as a community doctor in a rural community in the Pacific Coast of Mexico, where most of my patients were children and adolescents. For many years, my goal was to be a paediatrician. As I became more involved with public health issues, I have become more passionate about addressing the health challenges that affect our society, beginning with the root causes.

During medical school I was part of an NGO named CUS – Academic Commitment to Health focused on training health personnel on the importance of health promotion and prevention. I started leading health brigades in rural marginal communities, where we coached them about breastfeeding, nutrition, sexual health and overall hygiene. I learnt that the only way to impact a community and promote change is when critical actors join efforts. I am excited to be part of this wonderful team and looking forward to engaging in discussions about child and adolescent health.

Faith Jiyeong Park with green fields in background

Faith Jiyeong Park

MSc Public Health for Development, Comms & Engagement Liaison

I am passionate about gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women. My passion for women’s health first sparked in University when I conducted an independent field research project on family planning among Cameroonian women in urban and rural Cameroon.

After graduation, I worked in the Southern Africa regional office of Population Services International as a regional Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Fellow based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Prior to pursuing the MSc Public Health for Development, I worked in the UNAIDS Middle East and North Africa regional office as a Programme Officer based in Cairo, Egypt.

As a comms SLO for MARCH, I look forward to serving as a bridge between students and the Centre to effectively promote reproductive health and rights.

Cecilia Zilan Yan with beach and sea in background

Cecilia Zilan Yan

MSc Public Health, Comms & Engagement Liaison

I am currently an MSc Public Health student, specializing in the Health Services Management stream. I'm a third-year medical student studying at the University of Hong Kong and intercalating this master's degree in my enrichment year.

Even long before my entry to medical school, I have wished to become a paediatrician as I love to work with children and adolescents. I have participated in multiple projects and service trips relating to paediatric communication disorder, with some focusing on stigmatised diseases like Microtia, and some on impoverished children in rural China who are visually impaired. Not only did these experiences further spark my interest in the field, it also brought my attention to how little the general public knows about the diseases and hardships faced by these vulnerable groups, which is why I am inspired to promote awareness on these issues.

I am extremely grateful and thrilled to become a member of the MARCH community. I look forward to being actively involved in the MARCH centre and support its work, while broadening my horizons on the global challenges faced in maternal, adolescents and children health.