Our leadership team

Karl Blanchet - Co-director

Karl Blanchet is Associate Professor on Health Systems Research, with a public health background and extensive experience in health systems research in Asia (Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal) and Africa (Rwanda, Niger, Rwanda, Ghana, Togo, Mali, Somaliland). Karl is interested in studying resilience issues in global health, specifically in post-conflict and conflict-affected countries. He has developed innovative research approaches based on complexity science, system thinking and social network analysis, and is currently focused on developing and testing people-centred approaches for refugee and migrant populations in the Middle East.


Jennifer Palmer - Co-director

Jennifer Palmer is a medical anthropologist and Assistant Professor at LSHTM. Having entered academia through humanitarian practice, much of her research has taken place in humanitarian settings and is centred on humanitarian practice or its effects. This has included ethnographic investigations or evaluations of NGO programmes, product development partnerships and clinical trials, particularly in the South Sudan/Uganda border area.


Neha Singh -  Deputy director

Neha Singh is Assistant Professor in Health Systems and Reproductive, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health. She has a background in public health and expertise in health systems and financing research using mixed methods to improve women’s, children’s and adolescent health in humanitarian crises (Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Uganda) and under-resourced settings (India, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, China). Neha has specific interests in using participatory approaches and research methodologies based on systems thinking and complexity science to analyse and improve the prioritisation, design and delivery of health interventions.


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of:

Management Committee

The Management Committee supports the Directors in running the centre, and is composed of: