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The Tromsø Study – key findings and future opportunities for health research

The Tromsø Study is an ongoing multi-purpose population-based cohort study in the municipality of Tromsø, North Norway. Seven surveys have been conducted between 1974 and 2016. Total birth cohorts and representative population samples were invited (response rates 65-79%). A total of 45,473 adult and elderly women and men have participated in at least one survey. In addition, the Tromsø Study has a youth cohort; Fit Futures.

Data collection consists of questionnaires and interviews, biological sampling, and extensive clinical examinations. Participant data can be linked to national registries. This rich source of data provides unique possibilities for research. An example of this is the successful Heart to Heart collaboration, which is linked to the International Project on Cardiovascular Disease in Russia lead by Prof David Leon at LSHTM.

In this seminar, head of the Tromsø Study Sameline Grimsgaard from UiT the Arctic University of  Norway will present key findings from the past 40 years as well as discuss future opportunities for the use of these data.         

Prof Sameline Grimsgaard has participated in several national infrastructure projects recently as WP-leader in Biobank Norway 2 WP5: Communication with Health Study participants and NORCRIN WP5: eCRF. Her research experience derives from working with population studies and randomized clinical trials. During the past years, her research has focused on activity on physical inactivity, overweight and obesity as growing public health challenge, and she is currently involved in several research projects in the Tromsø study.


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