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Land-use change and forestry programmes


Land-use change and forestry programmes: Mapping evidence on effects on greenhouse gas emissions and human welfare outcomes

Effective management of agricultural and forest lands is critical for climate change mitigation, global food security and efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. On the one hand forest degradation, deforestation and agricultural production contributes around a quarter of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. At the same time billions of people rely on agriculture and forests for their livelihoods. There is an urgent need to identify programmes which effectively reduce emissions while avoiding negative effects on food security and other human wellbeing outcomes.

This seminar marks the launch of an evidence gap map (EGM) of the evidence on effects of land-use change and forestry programmes on greenhouse gas emissions and human wellbeing outcomes. EGMs map existing evidence and identify gaps where little or no evidence from impact evaluations and systematic reviews is available. In doing so they can inform a strategic approach to building the evidence base in a particular sector. They can also help facilitate the use of the best existing evidence by allowing users to explore the findings and quality of existing systematic reviews, with links to user friendly summaries of all studies.

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