Healthy Planet for Healthy People: New Research on Climate Change

In our Research Seminar for April, we are delighted to welcome two distinguished speakers who will explore new research and initiatives relating to climate change. In the first half of the Seminar, Professor Joyeeta Gupta will explore key findings from the Global Environment Outlook-6: Healthy Planet, Healthy People. Following this, Brianna Craft will discuss integrating the voices of the Least Developed Countries into UN climate change negotiations.

The speakers

Joyeeta Gupta

By way of background, the world is not on a pathway to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the quantitative targets in the various multilateral environmental agreements. However, although in relation to some environmental problems, the window for taking measures effectively is declining, it is still possible for the global community to accelerate action to achieve these goals. This is the key message of the Global Environment Outlook-6: Health Planet, Healthy People that has just been published and adopted by the United Nations Environment Assembly in March 2019. A key additional argument for taking integrated action on the environment is the huge health and well-being impact of environmental issues.

Brianna Craft

In December 2018, the United Nations climate change negotiations adopted the “rulebook” of the Paris Agreement. The Least Developed Countries Group – a negotiating bloc representing the world’s 47 poorest nations – entered in these negotiations with high expectations. They have done the least to cause climate change, but remain the most vulnerable to its impacts. Brianna Craft gives an overview of what the newly adopted rules mean for meeting the climate change challenge and how the voices of the Least Developed Countries were taken into account.

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