series event

Academia, Government & Industry: A tripartite against Campylobacter

Prof Nicolae Corcionivoschi will deliver this talk entitled 'Academia, Government & Industry: A tripartite against Campylobacter'.

Expanding our understanding of how animal production systems impact on Campylobacter presence is an important field of research. The ability to differentiate pathogens based on their pathogenic abilities and resistance to therapeutic treatments is vital, as it can allow us to evaluate the impact of genetic pressure that may promote the survival and growth of the most virulent bacteria. We investigate novel antimicrobials which could reduce the presence of Campylobacter spp. and/or other pathogenic bacteria associated with human disease. I will present our work in relation to the use of probiotics/prebiotics effective in reducing pathogen levels in poultry production systems and how they can impact on the pathogenicity of this pathogen. 



Free and open to all