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The evidence of the harm that a warming planet will do to our health is mounting. Heat waves will trigger an increase in deaths, particularly among the elderly and vulnerable. Mosquitoes that can spread diseases such as Zika and dengue will colonise new areas of the world and crops will fail with rising temperatures and changing rainfall patterns.
This has led to serious concern that the recent gains achieved by bed nets may only be short-lived, and that resistant mosquitoes will drive malaria deaths back up to the pre-bed net era - when nearly a million people were dying each year. New methods for killing mosquitoes are desperately needed.
Globally, around a third of women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner. There are many negative impacts for women and their families, including poor physical health, mental health problems, such as depression, post-traumatic distress, suicide, and alcohol and drug abuse.
India, once referred to as the ‘open defecation capital of the world’, is celebrating the fact that in five short years over 100 million toilets have been built and sanitation coverage has gone from only 40% to almost 100% in rural areas. What are the secrets of this extraordinary sanitary success story?

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