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Glyphosate (Roundup) is one of the most commonly used herbicides in the world, and in most countries is available to the general public – you can buy it in the UK at your local garden centre. More court cases are pending in the USA, and similar cases in other countries are likely to follow.
The opening match between Manchester Utd and Leicester City will look different to many Premier League fixtures this season. Not because of the 8pm Friday kick-off time but because it’s a fixture where the two teams involved do not have a gambling company as their primary shirt sponsor, something nine of this year’s 20 Premiership teams have.
Currently there are no therapeutic drugs against the disease and existing licensed vaccines are only partially effective and have complex eligibility requirements. As a result, efforts to stop dengue have been targeted at Aedes aegypti - its day-biting, urban dwelling mosquito vector.
If everyone living with HIV takes an HIV test and knows their status, and if everyone with an HIV-positive test begins antiretroviral therapy (ART) HIV treatment rapidly, this enhances their chance of living a healthy life into old age. That treatment can also reduce the amount of virus in a person’s body to such a low level that they will not pass the virus on to others.

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