Mx Anja Zinke-allmang

Research Student - Epidemiology & Population Health (Occasional)

United Kingdom

Anja Zinke-Allmang’s background is in sexual and mental health. Prior to joining LSHTM, Anja was a service coordinator at the Canadian Mental Health Association where provided front line crisis response, and evaluated and redesigned a mental health programme to increase accessibility among marginalized communities. She has over ten years of professional and research experience working on a range of child protection and sexual health issues including: access to health services, promoting positive youth sexual health messaging, sexual satisfaction, queer health, child marriage and violence against children.

Anja is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of London. Anja holds a MSc in Reproductive & Sexual Health Research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a joint BA in Business and Sexuality, Marriage & Family Studies from the University of Waterloo.


Anja developed seminar materials for and teaches on the Reproductive and Sexual Health module, designed for the MSc of Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy and Programming held by the University of Ghana and LSHTM. Anja also teaches on the Sexual Health module at LSHTM and marks on the Social Epidemiology course.


Anja currently works on the Contexts of Violence in Adolescence Cohort Study (CoVAC) which explores how family, peer, school and community contexts affect children’s experience of violence in adolescence and early adulthood. She also has developed materials and led the pilot of the Social Norms Mentorship Programme (SNMP), a set of comprehensive training packages on the theory and application of social norms in public health programmes and research. Prior to her work on CoVAC and SNMP, Anja led a mixed methods project exploring the experiences and needs of Early Career Researchers within the Faculty of Public Health & Policy at LSHTM. She has also led a project on how online platforms change gender norms related to family planning in Kenya (the O2O Project). Anja completed her MSc dissertation on exploring the covariates of sexual satisfaction using the NATSAL-3 dataset. She is a member of the Child Protection Research Group and Gender Violence and Health Centre and is an academic advisor for the Keppel Health Review.

Anja is currently a PhD candidate at the University of London. Her thesis focuses on geospatial distribution of intimate partner violence.
Research Area
Health inequalities
Public health
Sexual and reproductive health
Sexual health
Social and structural determinants of health
Qualitative research
Mixed methods research

Selected Publications

Understanding ethical challenges of family planning interventions in sub-Saharan Africa: a scoping review.
Montt-Maray, E; Adamjee, L; HORANIEH, N; Witt, A; González-Capella, T; ZINKE-ALLMANG, A; CISLAGHI, B;
Frontiers in Global Women's Health
The role of partners, parents and friends in shaping young women's reproductive choices in Peri-urban Nairobi: a qualitative study.
ZINKE-ALLMANG, A; BHATIA, A; Gorur, K; Hassan, R; Shipow, A; Ogolla, C; Keizer, K; CISLAGHI, B;
Reproductive health
Use of digital media for family planning information by women and their social networks in Kenya: A qualitative study in peri-urban Nairobi.
ZINKE-ALLMANG, A; Hassan, R; BHATIA, A; Gorur, K; Shipow, A; Ogolla, C; Shirley, S; Keizer, K; CISLAGHI, B;
Frontiers in Sociology
Navigating family planning access during Covid-19: A qualitative study of young women's access to information, support and health services in peri-urban Nairobi.
Hassan, R; BHATIA, A; ZINKE-ALLMANG, A; Shipow, A; Ogolla, C; Gorur, K; CISLAGHI, B;
SSM - Qualitative Research in Health
Impact evaluation of a cash-plus programme for children with disabilities in the Xiengkhouang Province in Lao PDR: study protocol for a non-randomised controlled trial.
BANKS, LM; Soukkhaphone, B; SCHERER, N; Siengsounthone, L; Carew, MT; SHAKESPEARE, T; CHEN, S; Davey, C; Goyal, D; ZINKE-ALLMANG, A; KUPER, H; Chanthakoumane, K;
BMJ open
Impact of a disability-targeted microentrepreneurship programme in Kenya: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of the InBusiness programme.
BANKS, LM; Kepha, S; ZINKE-ALLMANG, A; Gichuki, PM; SCHERER, N; Mwandawiro, C; CAREW, M; Njomo, D; CHEN, S; Okoyo, C; Davey, C; SHAKESPEARE, T; Pereira, MA; Goyal, D; KUPER, H;
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