Lorraine Williams

RN RM BA(Hons) PGCE MSc Public Health

Research Fellow

Room 118

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

+44(0)20 7927 2671

+44(0)20 7436 5389

I have a background in clinical healthcare, health policy, education and workforce development.  I am currently working as a researcher within the School's Policy Innovation Research Unit where I have been able to employ my experience in qualitative methods within a number of mixed methods evaluative projects.


Department of Health Services Research and Policy
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Alongside my role as tutor and project supervisor to students undertaking the MSc Public Health Course, I have also co-organised and led seminars for the Principles of Social Research Module. I am tutor group representative for the course and advisor for the MSc Public Health half time students. 


My research in the School has largely involved investigating the implementation of health and social care policies in practice, particularly in the area of choice.  I have recently contributed to a large study looking at how personalisation, choice and control are enacted through the use of direct payments in the residential care sector.  Prior to this I was working on a study investigating commissioning healthcare and how the voice of patients and the public are listened to when making commissioning decisions.

I am currently leading on the qualitative arm of a study evaluating the Heatwave Plan for England. This will involve analysing the process of planning and implementation within and across several case studies over one year.  I am also contributing to a study about how personalisation is conceptualised within the English residential care sector catering for older people.

Research Area
Health care policy
Health policy
Health services research
Health systems
Maternal health
Primary care
Public health
Quality improvement
Health services
Qualitative methods
Policy analysis
Social Sciences
Social Policy
United Kingdom

Selected Publications

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Evalution of the Direct Payments in Residential Care Trailblazers. Interim Report.
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