Dr Emily Webb

MMath MSc PhD

Associate Professor
in Medical Statistics and Epidemiology

Room G12

Keppel Street
United Kingdom

+44 (0)207 9272012

My background is in Mathematics and Medical Statistics. I joined the LSHTM in October 2008 after previously working in statistical genetics at the Institute of Cancer Research.


Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology


Malaria Centre
Statistical Methodology
Tuberculosis (TB) Centre


I co-organise (with Rein Houben and Lois Kim) the distance-learning module EPM202 (Statistical Methods in Epidemiology). I also teach on the in-house courses Statistics for Epidemiology and Population Health (STEPH), Statistical Methods in Epidemiology (SME) and Advanced Statistical Methods in Epidemiology (ASME). I am a tutor for both the Epidemiology and Medical Statistics MSc courses.


I am a member of the Tropical Epidemiology Group (TEG), and am co-theme leader (with Tansy Edwards) for TEG's work on emerging and neglected diseases. My current research focuses on the design and analysis of intervention and observational studies in the fields of helminths, tuberculosis and child health, with a particular interest in cluster randomised trials.

I am the trial statistician on the Entebbe Mother and Baby Study (EMaBS). This trial, located in Entebbe, Uganda, investigates the impact of helminth infections and their treatment during pregnancy on birth outcomes, illness and allergy events during infancy, and on immunological responses to childhood vaccinations.  I am also the statistician for the Lake Victoria Island Intervention Study on Worms and Allergy-related diseases (LaVIISWA), a cluster randomised trial, taking place in the Koome islands, Uganda, investigating the effect of intensive anthelminthic treatment on allergy outcomes. I additionally provide statistical supervision and capacity building to other members of the LaVIISWA and EMaBS teams.

I am a co-investigator on an MRC programme grant, which aims to understand population differences in vaccine response and to determine how vaccine effectiveness can be optimised for tropical low-income countries (LICs), based on trials in urban and rural populations in Uganda.

I am co-PI and trial statistician on the HomeACF Study, a household cluster randomised trial of active case finding for HIV and TB, preventive treatment against TB, and ART initiation to prevent TB disease and transmission, in South Africa. I am also the trial statistician for the ABAaNA early intervention trial, which investigates the feasibility and effectiveness of early intervention for young infants at high risk of neurodevelopmental delay and disability in Uganda.

Research Area
Child health
Clinical trials
Complex interventions
Infectious disease policy
Randomised controlled trials
Genetic epidemiology
Disease and Health Conditions
Infectious disease
Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)
Gambia, The
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)

Selected Publications

Helminths are positively associated with atopy and wheeze in Ugandan fishing communities: results from a cross-sectional survey.
Webb, E.L.; Nampijja, M.; Kaweesa, J.; Kizindo, R.; Namutebi, M.; Nakazibwe, E.; Oduru, G.; Kabubi, P.; Kabagenyi, J.; Nkurunungi, G.; Kizito, D.; Muhangi, L.; Akello, M.; Verweij, J.J.; Nerima, B.; Tukahebwa, E.; Elliott, A.M.; LaVIISWA trial team, .; COLLABORATORS;Sanya, R. ; Mirembe, B. ; Okello, J. ; Levin, J. ; Zziwa, C. ; Tumusiime, J. ; Sewankambo, M. ; Nsubuga, D. ; Cose, S. ; Wammes, L. ; Niwagaba, E. ; Kabami, G. ; Abayo, E. ; Muwonge, F. ; Abiriga, D. ; Nannozi, V. ; Kaweesa, J. ;
The Impact of an Intervention to Improve Malaria Care in Public Health Centers on Health Indicators of Children in Tororo, Uganda (PRIME): A Cluster-Randomized Trial.
Staedke, S.G.; Maiteki-Sebuguzi, C.; DiLiberto, D.D.; Webb, E.L.; Mugenyi, L.; Mbabazi, E.; Gonahasa, S.; Kigozi, S.P.; Willey, B.A.; Dorsey, G.; Kamya, M.R.; Chandler, C.I.;
Am J Trop Med Hyg
The Lake Victoria island intervention study on worms and allergy-related diseases (LaVIISWA): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.
Nampijja, M. ; Webb, E.L. ; Kaweesa, J. ; Kizindo, R. ; Namutebi, M. ; Nakazibwe, E. ; Oduru, G. ; Kabuubi, P. ; Kabagenyi, J. ; Kizito, D. ; Muhangi, L. ; Akello, M. ; Verweij, J.J. ; Nerima, B. ; Tukahebwa, E. ; Elliott, A.M. ; LaVIISWA trial team, . ;
Uptake, Accuracy, Safety, and Linkage into Care over Two Years of Promoting Annual Self-Testing for HIV in Blantyre, Malawi: A Community-Based Prospective Study.
Choko, A.T. ; MacPherson, P. ; Webb, E.L. ; Willey, B.A. ; Feasy, H. ; Sambakunsi, R. ; Mdolo, A. ; Makombe, S.D. ; Desmond, N. ; Hayes, R. ; Maheswaran, H. ; Corbett, E.L. ;
PLoS Med
Maternal HIV infection and other factors associated with growth outcomes of HIV-uninfected infants in Entebbe, Uganda.
Muhangi, L. ; Lule, S.A. ; Mpairwe, H. ; Ndibazza, J. ; Kizza, M. ; Nampijja, M. ; Nakazibwe, E. ; Kihembo, M. ; Elliott, A.M. ; Webb, E.L. ;
Public Health Nutr
The Effect of Anthelmintic Treatment During Pregnancy on HIV Plasma Viral Load: Results From a Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial in Uganda.
Webb, E.L. ; Kyosiimire-Lugemwa, J. ; Kizito, D. ; Nkurunziza, P. ; Lule, S. ; Muhangi, L. ; Muwanga, M. ; Kaleebu, P. ; Elliott, A.M. ;
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr
Effect of single-dose anthelmintic treatment during pregnancy on an infant's response to immunisation and on susceptibility to infectious diseases in infancy: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
Webb, E.L.; Mawa, P.A.; Ndibazza, J.; Kizito, D.; Namatovu, A.; Kyosiimire-Lugemwa, J.; Nanteza, B.; Nampijja, M.; Muhangi, L.; Woodburn, P.W.; Akurut, H.; Mpairwe, H.; Akello, M.; Lyadda, N.; Bukusuba, J.; Kihembo, M.; Kizza, M.; Kizindo, R.; Nabulime, J.; Ameke, C.; Namujju, P.B.; Tweyongyere, R.; Muwanga, M.; Whitworth, J.A.; Elliott, A.M.;
Meta-analysis of genome-wide association data identifies four new susceptibility loci for colorectal cancer.
Houlston, R.S.; Webb, E.; Broderick, P.; Pittman, A.M.; Di Bernardo, M.C.; Lubbe, S.; Chandler, I.; Vijayakrishnan, J.; Sullivan, K.; Penegar, S.; Colorectal Cancer Association Study Consortium, .; Carvajal-Carmona, L.; Howarth, K.; Jaeger, E.; Spain, S.L.; Walther, A.; Barclay, E.; Martin, L.; Gorman, M.; Domingo, E.; Teixeira, A.S.; CoRGI Consortium, .; Kerr, D.; Cazier, J.B.; Niittymäki, I.; Tuupanen, S.; Karhu, A.; Aaltonen, L.A.; Tomlinson, I.P.; Farrington, S.M.; Tenesa, A.; Prendergast, J.G.; Barnetson, R.A.; Cetnarskyj, R.; Porteous, M.E.; Pharoah, P.D.; Koessler, T.; Hampe, J.; Buch, S.; Schafmayer, C.; Tepel, J.; Schreiber, S.; Völzke, H.; Chang-Claude, J.; Hoffmeister, M.; Brenner, H.; Zanke, B.W.; Montpetit, A.; Hudson, T.J.; Gallinger, S.; International Colorectal Cancer Genetic Association Consortium, .; Campbell, H.; Dunlop, M.G.;
Nat Genet
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