Emily Warren


Research Fellow

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

020 7927 2408

I am currently working on the Food in Early Years' Study which explores how parents, staff, and relevant stakeholders understand and adddress nutrition, how food-based practices vary, and whether or not settings use national guielines.  We are particularly focused on health inequities.

My previous work was focused on adolescents. I have worked as a trial co-ordinator on the If I Were Jack study, which evaluated an intervention which sought to reduce unintended pregnacies by exploring possible outcomes from the young man's perspective.  I am also working on my PhD, which expores the possibility of conducting realist trials is also an evaluation of an complex intervention which sought to reduce bullying and aggressive behaviour in secondary schools in southeast England.  

My background is primarily in sexual health, focusing on how context influences behaviour and intervention use. I have researched risk perception and biomedical prevention interventions use in sub-Saharan Africa and led a field study in Uganda examining how a patient feedback loop influenced health care provider behaviour. I've also worked in the Dominican Republic as an M&E consultant for a USAID-funded HIV project focusing on migrants, commercial sex workers, MSM, and women with little formal education.  I have also worked for the Metro Centre as their Contraception and Reproductive Advice and Sexual Health Information Team Leader, focusing on Chlamydia screening and young people's sexual negotiation.

I studied Critical Theory of Social Justice with an emphasis in Feminist, Queer and Sexuality studies at Occidental College in Los Angeles where I also worked for three years as a rape and domestic violence counsellor and advocate.  I have an MSc in Public Health from LSHTM.  


Department of Public Health, Environments and Society
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre for Evaluation


I am currently a seminar leader for Issues in Public Health.

I have previously taught on Evaluation of Public Health Intervetions, Foundations for Health Promotion, and Conflict and Health.


I am currently studying food in early years' in England and am particularly interested in what perpetuates inequities and where in a complex system, possible interventions can be implemented.


I am a primarily qualitative research but have also designed surveys and worked on mixed methods studies.  I've led on qualitative comparative analyses. 

My primary interst is in realism and evaluations of complex interventions, particualrly in emerge, contingent causation, and the role of structure and agency.  

Research Area
Child health
Complex interventions
Health inequalities
Sexual health
Adolescent health
Mixed methods
Implementation research
Randomised controlled trials
Social Sciences
Caribbean small states
European Union
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)

Selected Publications

Engaging parents in digital sexual and reproductive health education: evidence from the JACK trial.
Aventin Á; Gough A; McShane T; Gillespie K; O'Hare L; Young H; Lewis R; Warren E; Buckley K; Lohan M
Cost-Utility Analysis of a Complex Intervention to Reduce School-Based Bullying and Aggression: An Analysis of the Inclusive RCT.
Legood R; Opondo C; Warren E; Jamal F; Bonell C; Viner R; Sadique Z
Value in Health
Modifying the secondary school environment to reduce bullying and aggression: the INCLUSIVE cluster RCT
Bonell C; Allen E; Warren E; McGowan J; Bevilacqua L; Jamal F; Sadique Z; Legood R; Wiggins M; Opondo C
Public Health Research
6 Nations Relationship and Sex Education Symposium
Warren E
Action groups as a participative strategy for leading whole‐school health promotion: Results on implementation from the
trial in English secondary schools
Warren E; Bevilacqua L; Opondo C; Allen E; Mathiot A; West G; Jamal F; Viner R; Bonell C
British Educational Research Journal
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