Dr Ana Vicedo-Cabrera


Assistant Professor
in Environmental Epidemiology and Statistics


15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom


I graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Valencia (Spain) in 2008. I have a MSc degree in Environmental Toxicology from the University of Valencia and a MSc in Epidemiology from the University of Turin (Italy). I completed my PhD studies in Environmental Toxicology (University of Valencia) in 2014. My PhD work focused on the association between the exposure to ambient temperature during the last weeks of pregnancy and preterm birth. Prior to joining the LSHTM in November 2016, I worked as postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Occupational and Environmental Medicine of the Umeå University (Sweden) and at the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute in Basel (Switzerland).


Public Health, Environments and Society
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


I am collaborating in several courses on time-series analysis and workshops on R software within the LSHTM and in external institutions.

I am teaching at the MSc Public Health in different modules.

I am a Distance Learning tutor (MSc Public Health).


Since the beginning of my research career, I have been working in several research areas in environmental epidemiology and public health. Much of my research has focused on the assessment of the impact of ambient temperatures on several health outcomes in different regions of the world. In particular, I have performed several studies on the association between ambient temperature and perinatal health. More recently, I have leaded and collaborated in various temperature-related mortality studies within the Multi-City Multi-Country (MCC) Collaborative Research Network ( I have contributed to other research areas related to time-series analysis such as evaluation of the impact of smoking bans in Switzerland, and cohort studies on air pollution, such as in the INMA cohort in Valencia.

My reserach nowadays is focused on the evaluation of the current and future impacts of climate change on health, mainly related to temperature and air pollution effects on mortality. I am working on several studies on the idenitifcation of individual and contextual factors modifying the risks, and in particular, the potential drivers for adaptation to temperature. 

I am also interested in the development of advanced statistical tools and new epidemiological study designs on weather and climate change research, which can be applicable in other areas of environmental epidemiology. Specifically, my current research path points towards the application of individual and small-area data in climate change studies. 

Research Area
Climate change
Perinatal health
Public health
Statistical methods
Environmental Health
Neonatal health
Disease and Health Conditions
Kidney disease
Non-communicable diseases
Respiratory disease