Professor Joy Townsend


Emeritus Professor
of Economics and Primary Health Care

Room 237

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom


0044 (0)20 7927 2701

Research in areas of health services research, economics, epidemiology and health economics. Graduate of London School of Economics and School of Oriental and African Studies, Research at the MRC National Institute of Medical Research; lecturer University of Essex; senior scientist at the MRC Epidemiology and Medical Care Unit; initiated and directed the Centre for Research in Primary and Community Care at the University of Hertfordshire. In 2000  joined the LSHTM where I continue work on tobacco economics and policy including two studies for European Union on training about tobacco economics, consultant to World Bank and WHO, and HSR in primary health care including new health services in Myanmar and care for neuroloigally impaired children in England. Publications on estimates of costs of not handwashing with particular reference to India and China. Honorary Secretary and Trustee of the National Heart Forum. Received medals from World Health Organisation for contribution to world health for work on economics of tobacco.


Department of Social and Environmental Health Research


PhD supervision on adolescent health in refugee camps on Thai/Myanmar border, TB and Public Health in Cambodia.


Research in tobacco control economics; EU funded studies of economic influences on tobacco use across EU and UK assessing the impact of price, income and smuggling on demand for cigarettes; randomised controlled trials of complex interventions, adolescent care.  Economics of handwashing. Health care in Myanmar. Grantholder on CAMWEL study of treatment of obesity in primary care. Chapter on economics of tobacco control for OECD/WHO book on Economics of Public Health published 2015. Advisor to European Respiratory Society on costs of respiratory disease in Europe. Consultant to World Bank on Tobacco Control and Smuggling of Tobacco in Southern Africa.  Economic analysis of care for neuroloigally impaired children in England. Economic analysis of costs not handwashing inclusing cost per DALY estimates.

Research Area
Economic evaluation
Health services research
Primary care
Public health
Tobacco control
Adolescent health
Behaviour change
Capacity strengthening
Development studies
Disease and Health Conditions
Cardiovascular disease
United Kingdom
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)
European Union
South Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)

Selected Publications

Reproductive health and quality of life of young Burmese refugees in Thailand.
Benner, M.T.; Townsend, J.; Kaloi, W.; Htwe, K.; Naranichakul, N.; Hunnangkul, S.; Carrara, V.I.; Sondorp, E.;
Confl Health
Weight-management interventions in primary care: a pilot randomised controlled trial.
Nanchahal, K. ; Townsend, J. ; Letley, L. ; Haslam, D. ; Wellings, K. ; Haines, A. ;
Br J Gen Pract
Cost effectiveness of gastrostomy placement for children with neuro-developmental disablity.
Townsend, J.L.; Craig, G.; Lawson, M.; Reilly, S.; Spitz, L.;
Arch Dis Child
Why combating tobacco smuggling is a priority
West, R. ; Townsend, J. ; Joossens, L. ; Arnott, D. ; Lewis, S. ;
Price and cigarette consumption in Europe
Gallus, S.; Schiaffino, A.; la Vecchia, C.; Townsend, J.; Fernandez, E.
Tobacco Control
Routine examination of the newborn: the EMREN study. Evaluation of an extension of the midwife role including a randomised controlled trial of appropriately trained midwives and paediatric senior house officers
Townsend, J.; Wolke, D.; Hayes, J.; Dave, S.; Rogers, C.; Bloomfield, L.; Quist-Therson, E.; Tomlin, M.; Messer, D.
Health Technology Assessment
Prioritisation of health technology assessment. The PATHS model: methods and case studies
Townsend, J.; Buxton, M.; Harper, G.
Health Technology Assessment
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