Dr Lavanya Thana

Research Fellow in HSRP

United Kingdom

I am a primarily qualitative research psychologist with strong interests in patient experience and safety. Before joining the School's Policy Innovation and Evaluation Research Unit (PIRU) in 2019, I completed a PhD in mental health services research at Imperial College London. My doctoral work examined the micro and meso level processes contributing to adverse outcomes of psychotherapy using Constructivist Grounded Theory. During my time at the College, I also worked on randomised controlled trials of complex psychological interventions for adults and children with a range of mental health conditions. Prior to this, I was involved in various health-related primary care informatics projects at St George’s, University of London.


Department of Health Services Research and Policy
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


I teach on the Principles of Social Research module. I currently supervise a DrPH student, Karen Wen, and am a tutor and project supervisor for the MSc in Public Health.

I also co-supervise PhD and 4th Year Medical BSc projects at Imperial College London.


I am currently employed to deliver the qualitative component of the ‘Adverse Medical Incidents and Outcomes in the NHS’ study led by Helen Hogan and funded by the NIHR. This mixed methods study aims to understand the prevalence, patients' perspectives and factors that influence subsequent actions.

In the Policy Innovation and Evaluation Research Unit, I contributed to the 'Longer-term Evaluation of the Integrated Care and Support Pioneers', which involved a mixed methods approach.

Selected Publications

Barriers to the management of sexual dysfunction among people with psychosis: analysis of qualitative data from the REMEDY trial.
THANA, LJ; O'Connell, L; Carne-Watson, A; Shastri, A; Saravanamuthu, A; Budhwani, N; Jayacodi, S; Leeson, VC; Munjiza, J; Pappa, S; Hughes, E; Reilly, J; Crawford, MJ;
BMC Psychiatry
Observations of community-based multidisciplinary team meetings in health and social care for older people with long term conditions in England.
Douglas, N; MAYS, N; AL-HABOUBI, M; Manacorda, T; THANA, L; Wistow, G; DURAND, MA;
BMC Health Services Research
Integrating Care in London: Service and system perspectives
AL-HABOUBI, M; Douglas, N; DURAND, MA; ERENS, R; Manacorda, T; THANA, L; Wistow, G; MAYS, N;
Switching antipsychotic medication to reduce sexual dysfunction in people with psychosis: the REMEDY RCT.
Crawford, MJ; THANA, L; Evans, R; Carne, A; O'Connell, L; Claringbold, A; Saravanamuthu, A; Case, R; Munjiza, J; Jayacodi, S; Reilly, JG; Hughes, E; Hoare, Z; Barrett, B; Leeson, VC; Paton, C; Keown, P; Pappa, S; Green, C; Barnes, TR;
Aligning Health and Social Care in Practice - Observing Multi-disciplinary Team Meetings
Douglas, N; AL-HABOUBI, M; Manacorda, T; THANA, L; DURAND, MA; Wistow, G; ERENS, R; MAYS, N;
Structured Psychological Support for people with personality disorder: feasibility randomised controlled trial of a low-intensity intervention.
Crawford, MJ; THANA, L; Parker, J; Turner, O; Carney, A; McMurran, M; Moran, P; Weaver, T; Barrett, B; Roberts, S; Claringbold, A; Bassett, P; Sanatinia, R; Spong, A;
Psychological Support for Personality (PSP) versus treatment as usual: study protocol for a feasibility randomized controlled trial of a low intensity intervention for people with personality disorder.
Crawford, MJ; THANA, L; Parker, J; Turner, O; Xing, KP; McMurran, M; Moran, P; Weaver, T; Barrett, B; Claringbold, A; Bassett, P; Sanatinia, R;
International multicentre randomised controlled trial of improvisational music therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder: TIME-A study.
Crawford, MJ; Gold, C; Odell-Miller, H; THANA, L; Faber, S; Assmus, J; Bieleninik, Ł; Geretsegger, M; Grant, C; Maratos, A; Sandford, S; Claringbold, A; McConachie, H; Maskey, M; Mössler, KA; Ramchandani, P; Hassiotis, A;
A prospective, quantitative study of mental health act assessments in England following the 2007 amendments to the 1983 act: did the changes fulfill their promise?
Singh, SP; Paul, M; Parsons, H; Burns, T; Tyrer, P; Fazel, S; Deb, S; Islam, Z; Rugkåsa, J; Gajwani, R; THANA, L; Crawford, MJ;
Authors' reply.
Crawford, MJ; THANA, L;
The British journal of psychiatry : the journal of mental science
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