Dr Mia Tackney

MMath Msc PhD

Research Fellow


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

I am a Research Fellow working with Elizabeth Williamson and James Carpenter on missing data methods for clinical trials that incorporate data from tracking devices.  Wearable devices such as pedometers, accelerometers and the FitBit are becoming popular tools in clinical and epidemiological studies to measure physical activity and other health-related quantities; there is a need to handle missing data in these settings with care. We are currently working with data from the MOVE-IT trial.

My interest in experimental design began in Rosemary Bailey's lectures at the University of St Andrews. I then joined the Design of Experiments group at the University of Southampton for my Ph.D. which investigated nonmyopic approaches to design of sequential experiments in the presence of covariates. I wrote a rather messy R package. I was supervised by Dave Woods, Ilya Shpitser and Peter Smith. 


Department of Medical Statistics
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Centre for Statistical Methodology


Research Area
Clinical trials

Selected Publications

Nonmyopic and pseudo-nonmyopic approaches to optimal sequential design
in the presence of covariates
Tackney MS; Woods DC; Shpitser I
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