Dr Helen Strongman


Assistant Professor


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

I am an epidemiologist with expertise in using UK electronic health record data for research that informs healthcare policy. My NIHR Advanced fellowship focusses on developing methods and research programmes that use electronic health record data to improve access to diagnosis and care for people with rare or low profile health conditions. I am using the sleep disorders narcolepsy and sleep apnoea as initial examples. In my previous role at LSHTM, I investigated risk of cardiovascular disease in cancer survivors.

My research at LSHTM builds on my previous role  supporting the development and use of UK electronic health care records at the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD). I have a PhD (by published work) in Health Sciences from Warwick University, an MSc in Modern Epidemiology from Imperial College London, a BA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, and previously worked in the global pharmaceutical industry. I am a Trustee & Director of Narcolepsy UK.



Department of Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


I am a module organiser for the introductory module of LSHTM's Health Data Science MSc and deputy course organiser for the Systematic Reviews short course.

I lecture and facilitate practical sessions for these courses, and for the Extended Epidemiology and Statistical Methods in Epidemiology MSc modules. I tutor MSc Health Data Science and Epidemiology students and supervise in-house and distance learning MSc summer projects.


Research Area
Clinical databases
Primary care
Electronic health records
Disease and Health Conditions
Chronic disease
Non-communicable diseases
United Kingdom

Selected Publications

Indirect acute effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on physical and mental health in the UK: a population-based study.
Mansfield KE; Mathur R; Tazare J; Henderson AD; Mulick AR; Carreira H; Matthews AA; Bidulka P; Gayle A; Forbes H
The Lancet. Digital health
UK prevalence of underlying conditions which increase the risk of severe COVID-19 disease: a point prevalence study using electronic health records.
Walker JL; Grint DJ; Strongman H; Eggo RM; Peppa M; Minassian C; Mansfield KE; Rentsch CT; Douglas IJ; Mathur R
BMC public health
Prevalence of COVID-19-related risk factors and risk of severe influenza outcomes in cancer survivors: A matched cohort study using linked English electronic health records data.
Carreira H; Strongman H; Peppa M; McDonald HI; Dos-Santos-Silva I; Stanway S; Smeeth L; Bhaskaran K
Body mass index and Hodgkin's lymphoma: UK population-based cohort study of 5.8 million individuals.
Strongman H; Brown A; Smeeth L; Bhaskaran K
British journal of cancer
Limitations for health research with restricted data collection from UK primary care.
Strongman H; Williams R; Meeraus W; Murray-Thomas T; Campbell J; Carty L; Dedman D; Gallagher AM; Oyinlola J; Kousoulis A
Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety
Approach to record linkage of primary care data from Clinical Practice Research Datalink to other health-related patient data: overview and implications.
Padmanabhan S; Carty L; Cameron E; Ghosh RE; Williams R; Strongman H
European journal of epidemiology
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