Dr Neil Spicer

Associate Professor

United Kingdom

Neil Spicer is an Associate Professor in Global Health Policy at the Department of Global Health and Development, LSHTM and has fifteen years of experience of qualitative health policy and systems research in the UK and low- and middle income countries including India, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Neil has a PhD in geography from Glasgow University.


Department of Global Health and Development
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Health care policy
Health policy
Health services research
Maternal health
Global Health
Health services
Mixed methods
Qualitative methods
Policy analysis
Social Sciences

Selected Publications

Lancet Commission on synergies between universal health coverage, health security, and health promotion.
Agyepong, I; SPICER, N; Ooms, G; Jahn, A; Bärnighausen, T; Beiersmann, C; Brown Amoakoh, H; Fink, G; Guo, Y; Hennig, L; Kifle Habtemariam, M; Kouyaté, BA; Loewenson, R; Micah, A; Moon, S; Moshabela, M; Myhre, SL; Ottersen, T; Patcharanarumol, W; Sarker, M; Sen, G; Shiozaki, Y; Songane, F; Sridhar, D; Ssengooba, F; ... HEYMANN, D.
Lancet (London, England)
Viewing the global health system as a complex adaptive system - implications for research and practice.
BORGHI, J; ISMAIL, S; Hollway, J; Kim, RE; Sturmberg, J; Brown, G; Mechler, R; Volmink, H; SPICER, N; Chalabi, Z; CASSIDY, R; Johnson, J; FOSS, A; Koduah, A; Searle, C; Komendantova, N; Semwanga, A; Moon, S;
Improving maternal and newborn health services in Northeast Nigeria through a government-led partnership of stakeholders: a quasi-experimental study.
Willey, B; UMAR, N; BEAUMONT, E; ALLEN, E; Anyanti, J; Bello, AB; Bhattacharya, A; EXLEY, J; MAKOWIECKA, K; Okolo, M; Sani, R; SCHELLENBERG, J; SPICER, N; Usman, UA; Gana, AM; Shuaibu, A; MARCHANT, T;
BMJ open
National health governance, science and the media: drivers of COVID-19 responses in Germany, Sweden and the UK in 2020.
HANSON, C; Luedtke, S; SPICER, N; Stilhoff Sörensen, J; MAYHEW, S; MOUNIER-JACK, S;
'A seamless transition': how to sustain a community health worker scheme within the health system of Gombe state, northeast Nigeria.
Wickremasinghe, D; Alkali Hamza, Y; UMAR, N; Willey, B; Okolo, M; Gana, A; Shuaibu, A; Anyanti, J; MARCHANT, T; SPICER, N;
Health policy and planning
Understanding the importance of non-material factors in retaining community health workers in low-income settings: a qualitative case-study in Ethiopia.
ARORA, N; HANSON, K; SPICER, N; Estifanos, AS; Keraga, DW; Welearegay, AT; Tela, FG; Hussen, YA; Mandefro, YS; QUAIFE, M;
What role can health policy and systems research play in supporting responses to COVID-19 that strengthen socially just health systems?
GILSON, L; Marchal, B; Ayepong, I; Barasa, E; Dossou, J-P; George, A; Guinaran, R; Maceira, D; Molyneux, S; Prashanth, NS; Schneider, H; Shawar, Y; Shiffman, JR; Sheikh, K; SPICER, N; Van Belle, S; Whyle, E;
Health policy and planning
'It's far too complicated': why fragmentation persists in global health.
SPICER, N; Agyepong, I; Ottersen, T; Jahn, A; Ooms, G;
Globalization and health
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