Professor Linda Sharples


of Medical Statistics


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

BSc Hons Mathematics (First) and PhD in Statistics at Nottingham University

Post-doctoral fellow at Newcastle University 1986-1989

Non-clinical Scientist and programme leader (from 2000) at the MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge 1989-2013

Professor of Statistics, Leeds University Clinical Trials Research Unit 2013-2016

Professor of Medical Statistics at the School since 2016


Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
Department of Medical Statistics


Statistical Methodology


I jointly organise the Applied Hierarchical and Other Dependent Data module on the MSc Medical Statistics course.

I curently have 2 PhD students as first supervisor:

Crispin Musicha, Modelling the relationship between time-to-event outcomes and residual disease in cancer trials,

Isabelle Smith, Improving pressure ulcer prevention trial design and analysis using multi-state modelling of existing data,

and 2 PhD students as supporting supervisor:

Vishal Sharma, The development of a weight-related co-morbidity screening tool for use by weight management services with children and adolescents aged 5 to 18,

Kamaryn Tanner, Machine Learning Techniques in Dynamic Prediction Models & Causal Inference.


Research is focussed on applying rigorous statistical analysis to evaluation of interventions, particularly surgery, diagnostic strategies and other non-pharmacological interventions. I am the statistical expert for a range of trials in cardiovascular, diabetes, skin and musculoskeletal conditions and in lung cancer. Major methodological research interests surround evaluation of novel health technologies using both randomised and non-randomised designs, and assessment of clinical trial results within the wider context of epidemiological and routinely collected health data. Many of these studies involve synthesis of all relevant data and can incorporate changes in health status over time. As such they provide a more comprehensive picture of the way in which diseases and conditions develop, as well as the mechanisms that drive health outcomes.

I have an honorary position at the University of Leeds Clinical Trials Unit and continue to collaborate with Papworth Hospital in Cambridge. My research group has links with the Politechnico di Milano through its Electronic Health Records project FARB.

Research Area
Clinical trials
Complex interventions
Health care policy
Health technology assessment
Statistical methods
Bayesian Analysis
Randomised controlled trials
Disease and Health Conditions
Cardiovascular disease
Skin disease

Selected Publications

Randomized Controlled Trial of Rituximab and cost-effectiveness analysis in treating fatigue and oral dryness in primary Sjogren's Syndrome.
Bowman, S.J. ; Everett, C.C. ; O'Dwyer, J.L. ; Emery, P. ; Pitzalis, C. ; Ng, W.F. ; Pease, C.T. ; Price, E.J. ; Sutcliffe, N. ; St Gendi, N. ; Hall, F.C. ; Ruddock, S.P. ; Fernandez, C. ; Reynolds, C. ; Hulme, C.T. ; Davies, K.A. ; Edwards, C.J. ; Lanyon, P.C. ; Moots, R.J. ; Roussou, E. ; Giles, I.P. ; Sharples, L.D. ; Bombardieri, M. ;
Arthritis Rheumatol
Using Parameter Constraints to Choose State Structures in Cost-Effectiveness Modelling.
Thom, H. ; Jackson, C. ; Welton, N. ; Sharples, L. ;
Effect of individual patient risk, centre, surgeon and anaesthetist on length of stay in hospital after cardiac surgery: Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and Critical Care (ACTACC) consecutive cases series study of 10 UK specialist centres.
Papachristofi, O. ; Klein, A.A. ; Mackay, J. ; Nashef, S. ; Fletcher, N. ; Sharples, L.D. ; Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and Critical Care (ACTACC), . ;
BMJ Open
Survival extrapolation in the presence of cause specific hazards.
Benaglia, T. ; Jackson, C.H. ; Sharples, L.D. ;
Stat Med
Cost effectiveness of endosonography versus surgical staging in potentially resectable lung cancer: a health economics analysis of the ASTER trial from a European perspective.
Rintoul, R.C. ; Glover, M.J. ; Jackson, C. ; Hughes, V. ; Tournoy, K.G. ; Dooms, C. ; Annema, J.T. ; Sharples, L.D. ;
Cost-effectiveness of initial stress cardiovascular MR, stress SPECT or stress echocardiography as a gate-keeper test, compared with upfront invasive coronary angiography in the investigation and management of patients with stable chest pain: mid-term outcomes from the CECaT randomised controlled trial.
Thom, H. ; West, N.E. ; Hughes, V. ; Dyer, M. ; Buxton, M. ; Sharples, L.D. ; Jackson, C.H. ; Crean, A.M. ; CECaT study group, . ; COLLABORATORS;Armstrong, J. ; Buxton, M. ; Caine, N. ; Coulden, R. ; Crean, A. ; Dyer, M. ; Gillham, M. ; Goddard, H. ; Goldsmith, K. ; Hughes, V. ; Lee, E. ; Patel, R. ; Schofield, P. ; Sharples, L. ; Sonnex, E. ; Stone, D. ; Treacy, C. ;
BMJ Open
Efficacy and cost of video-assisted thoracoscopic partial pleurectomy versus talc pleurodesis in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma (MesoVATS): an open-label, randomised, controlled trial.
Rintoul, R.C. ; Ritchie, A.J. ; Edwards, J.G. ; Waller, D.A. ; Coonar, A.S. ; Bennett, M. ; Lovato, E. ; Hughes, V. ; Fox-Rushby, J.A. ; Sharples, L.D. ; MesoVATS Collaborators, . ; COLLABORATORS;Beckett, P. ; Lang-Lazdunski, L. ; Reddy, R. ; Powrie, D. ; Lim, E. ; Martin-Ucar, A. ; Morgan, I. ; Chaudhuri, N. ; Qureshi, N. ; Tasker, A. ; Munday, H. ; Matthews, C. ; Buttery, R. ; Slade, M. ; Slade, G. ; Rassl, D. ; Lowry, E. ; Elliott, J. ; Laroche, C. ; Winter, R. ;
A crossover randomised controlled trial of oral mandibular advancement devices for obstructive sleep apnoea-hypopnoea (TOMADO).
Quinnell, T.G. ; Bennett, M. ; Jordan, J. ; Clutterbuck-James, A.L. ; Davies, M.G. ; Smith, I.E. ; Oscroft, N. ; Pittman, M.A. ; Cameron, M. ; Chadwick, R. ; Morrell, M.J. ; Glover, M.J. ; Fox-Rushby, J.A. ; Sharples, L.D. ;
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