Dr Zia Sadique


Assistant Professor
in Health Economics

Room 142

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

+44(0)20 79272619

Zia joined LSHTM in 2008 as research fellow. Previously he worked at Health Protection Agency.


Department of Health Services Research and Policy
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Zia is co-organaiser of the Economic Evaluation module. He lectures on Economic Evaluation and Reviewing the Literature modules. He is also seminar leader on Introduction to Health Economics module.



His research interests include economic evaluation of health care interventions, choice modelling in health economics, and the use of statistical methods to reduce selection bias in economic evaluation of health care. His current research involves economic evaluation of health care interventions using observational data and applying statistical methods to address selection bias.


Research Area
Economic evaluation
Health technology assessment
Statistical methods
Critical care

Selected Publications

Management of diabetes and associated costs in a complex humanitarian setting in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a retrospective cohort study.
Ansbro ÉM; Biringanine M; Caleo G; Prieto-Merino D; Sadique Z; Perel P; Jobanputra K; Roberts B
BMJ open
Modifying the secondary school environment to reduce bullying and aggression: the INCLUSIVE cluster RCT
Bonell C; Allen E; Warren E; McGowan J; Bevilacqua L; Jamal F; Sadique Z; Legood R; Wiggins M; Opondo C
Public Health Research
10 Global economic evaluation of population-based BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation testing
Manchanda R; Sun L; Patel S; Wilschut J; Lopes Carolina de Freitas A; Brentnall A; Duffy S; Cui B; Soarez Coelho de P; Husain Z
Plenary sessions
A nurse-led, preventive, psychological intervention to reduce PTSD symptom severity in critically ill patients: the POPPI feasibility study and cluster RCT
Mouncey PR; Wade D; Richards-Belle A; Sadique Z; Wulff J; Grieve R; Emerson LM; Brewin CR; Harvey S; Howell D
Health Services and Delivery Research
A Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Multigene Testing for All Patients With Breast Cancer.
Sun L; Brentnall A; Patel S; Buist DSM; Bowles EJA; Evans DGR; Eccles D; Hopper J; Li S; Southey M
JAMA oncology
66 Should we offer multi-gene testing to all patients with breast cancer: a cost-effectiveness analysis
Sun L; Brentnall A; Patel S; Buist SM D; Bowles JA E; Evans R DG; Eccles D; Hopper J; Li S; Duffy S
Regional plenary
Evaluating the clinical and cost-effectiveness of permissive hypotension in critically ill patients aged 65 years or over with vasodilatory hypotension: Statistical and Health Economic Analysis Plan for the 65 trial
Thomas K; Patel A; Sadique MZ; Grieve RD; Mason AJ; Moler S; Gordon AC; Rowan KM; Mouncey PR; Lamontagne F
Journal of the Intensive Care Society
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