Professor Andrew Prentice

PhD, FMedSci

of International Nutrition


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

0207 9588115 (PA Joanne Tapper)


Department of Population Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive & Child Health (MARCH)

Selected Publications

Long-chain PUFA supplementation in rural African infants: a randomized controlled trial of effects on gut integrity, growth, and cognitive development.
van der Merwe, L.F.; Moore, S.E.; Fulford, A.J.; Halliday, K.E.; Drammeh, S.; Young, S.; Prentice, A.M.;
Am J Clin Nutr
Hepcidin is the major predictor of erythrocyte iron incorporation in anemic African children.
Prentice, A.M.; Doherty, C.P.; Abrams, S.A.; Cox, S.E.; Atkinson, S.H.; Verhoef, H.; Armitage, A.E.; Drakesmith, H.;
DNA methylation profiling at imprinted loci after periconceptional micronutrient supplementation in humans: results of a pilot randomized controlled trial
Cooper, W.N.; Khulan, B.; Owens, S.; Elks, C.E.; Seidel, V.; Prentice, A.M.; Belteki, G.; Ong, K.K.; Affara, N.A.; Constancia, M.; Dunger, D.B.
Faseb Journal
Periconceptional maternal micronutrient supplementation is associated with widespread gender related changes in the epigenome: a study of a unique resource in the Gambia
Khulan, B.; Cooper, W.N.; Skinner, B.M.; Bauer, J.; Owens, S.; Prentice, A.M.; Belteki, G.; Constancia, M.; Dunger, D.; Affara, N.A.
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Nutritional status, hospitalization and mortality among patients with sickle cell anemia in Tanzania.
Cox, S.E. ; Makani, J. ; Fulford, A.J. ; Komba, A.N. ; Soka, D. ; Williams, T.N. ; Newton, C.R. ; Marsh, K. ; Prentice, A.M. ;
Effect of supplementation with zinc and other micronutrients on malaria in tanzanian children: a randomised trial.
Veenemans, J. ; Milligan, P. ; Prentice, A.M. ; Schouten, L.R. ; Inja, N. ; van der Heijden, A.C. ; de Boer, L.C. ; Jansen, E.J. ; Koopmans, A.E. ; Enthoven, W.T. ; Kraaijenhagen, R.J. ; Demir, A.Y. ; Uges, D.R. ; Mbugi, E.V. ; Savelkoul, H.F. ; Verhoef, H. ;
PLoS Med
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