Dr Debbie Nolder


Principal Scientific Officer
Molecular Diagnostics

PHE Malaria Reference Laboratory & Diagnostic Parasitology Laboratory

Keppel Street
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 20 7927 2427

+44 (0) 20 7637 0248

Debbie joined the School in 1995 as a PhD student after obtaining her MSc in clinical parasitology (LSHTM / Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine). She had previously been employed at the PHLS Central Public Health Laboratory, Colindale (now PHE Centre for Infections), as a Clinical Scientist working on the development of immuno- and molecular diagnostic tests for protozoa associated with HIV infection.

Debbie's PhD investigated the genetic diversity, population structure and evolution of Leishmania populations belonging to the South American subgenus, Viannia.

Debbie has experience in monoclonal antibody production, mammalian cell culture and the in vitro cultivation of a broad range of protozoa plus extensive experience in molecular- and immunological-based research and diagnostic techniques.

Debbie is Lead BMS (molecular) in the PHE Malaria Reference Laboratory & LSHTM Diagnostic Parasitology Laboratory where she has a specialist interest in development and implementation of molecular diagnostic, typing and drug resistance assays for Plasmodium spp., and molecular diagnostic assays for diagnosis of Trypanosoma cruzi (Chagas disease), Acanthamoeba spp. (Acanthamoeba keratitis, AK) and Leishmania spp. infections.


Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases
Department of Infection Biology


Malaria Centre


LSHTM MSc units: lecturer on core Parasitology/Entomology, core Molecular Biology, Advanced Diagnostic Parasitology, TMIH.  Summer project supervisor.  Tutor

LSHTM MSc (DBL): tutor for Parasitology (Advanced Unit).

LSHTM short-courses: DTM&H, DTN and other practical courses.

Training of visiting scientists, clinicians and BMSs in molecular diagnostics of malaria parasites.


Molecular diagnostics, drug resistance and typing (particularly in respect of malaria, Chagas disease, leishmaniasis and Acanthamoeba infection).


Research Area
Drug resistance
Genetic epidemiology
Molecular biology
Disease and Health Conditions
Chagas Disease

Selected Publications

Pfk13-independent treatment failure in four imported cases of Plasmodium falciparum malaria given artemether-lumefantrine in the UK.
Sutherland, C.J. ; Lansdell, P. ; Sanders, M. ; Muwanguzi, J. ; van Schalkwyk, D.A. ; Kaur, H. ; Nolder, D. ; Tucker, J. ; Bennett, H.M. ; Otto, T.D. ; Berriman, M. ; Patel, T.A. ; Lynn, R. ; Gkrania-Klotsas, E. ; Chiodini, P.L. ;
Antimicrob Agents Chemother
Selective Whole-Genome Amplification Is a Robust Method That Enables Scalable Whole-Genome Sequencing of Plasmodium vivax from Unprocessed Clinical Samples.
Cowell, A.N. ; Loy, D.E. ; Sundararaman, S.A. ; Valdivia, H. ; Fisch, K. ; Lescano, A.G. ; Baldeviano, G.C. ; Durand, S. ; Gerbasi, V. ; Sutherland, C.J. ; Nolder, D. ; Vinetz, J.M. ; Hahn, B.H. ; Winzeler, E.A. ;
Paper-Origami-Based Multiplexed Malaria Diagnostics from Whole Blood.
Xu, G. ; Nolder, D. ; Reboud, J. ; Oguike, M.C. ; van Schalkwyk, D.A. ; Sutherland, C.J. ; Cooper, J.M. ;
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Delayed Onset of Symptoms and Atovaquone-Proguanil Chemoprophylaxis Breakthrough by Plasmodium malariae in the Absence of Mutation at Codon 268 of pmcytb.
Teo, B.H. ; Lansdell, P. ; Smith, V. ; Blaze, M. ; Nolder, D. ; Beshir, K.B. ; Chiodini, P.L. ; Cao, J. ; Färnert, A. ; Sutherland, C.J. ;
PLoS Negl Trop Dis
An observational study of malaria in British travellers: Plasmodium ovale wallikeri and Plasmodium ovale curtisi differ significantly in the duration of latency.
Nolder, D. ; Oguike, M.C. ; Maxwell-Scott, H. ; Niyazi, H.A. ; Smith, V. ; Chiodini, P.L. ; Sutherland, C.J. ;
BMJ Open
International Study to Evaluate PCR Methods for Detection of Trypanosoma cruzi DNA in Blood Samples from Chagas Disease Patients
Schijman, A.G.; Bisio, M.; Orellana, L.; Sued, M.; Duffy, T.; Jaramillo, A.M.M.; Cura, C.; Auter, F.; Veron, V.; Qvarnstrom, Y.; Deborggraeve, S.; Hijar, G.; Zulantay, I.; Lucero, R.H.; Velazquez, E.; Tellez, T.; Leon, Z.S.; Galvao, L.; Nolder, D.; Rumi, M.M.; Levi, J.E.; Ramirez, J.D.; Zorrilla, P.; Flores, M.; Jercic, M.I.; Crisante, G.; Anez, N.; Castro, A.M.; Gonzalez, C.I.; Viana, K.A.; Yachelini, P.; Torrico, F.; Robello, C.; Diosque, P.; Chavez, O.T.; Aznar, C.; Russomando, G.; Buscher, P.; Assal, A.; Guhl, F.; Estani, S.S.; Dasilva, A.; Britto, C.; Luquetti, A.; Ladzins, J.
Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases
Two nonrecombining sympatric forms of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium ovale occur globally.
Sutherland, C.J. ; Tanomsing, N. ; Nolder, D. ; Oguike, M. ; Jennison, C. ; Pukrittayakamee, S. ; Dolecek, C. ; Hien, T.T. ; do Rosário, V.E. ; Arez, A.P. ; Pinto, J. ; Michon, P. ; Escalante, A.A. ; Nosten, F. ; Burke, M. ; Lee, R. ; Blaze, M. ; Otto, T.D. ; Barnwell, J.W. ; Pain, A. ; Williams, J. ; White, N.J. ; Day, N.P. ; Snounou, G. ; Lockhart, P.J. ; Chiodini, P.L. ; Imwong, M. ; Polley, S.D. ;
J Infect Dis
Multiple hybrid genotypes of leishmania (viannia) in a focus of mucocutaneous leishmaniasis.
Nolder, D.; Roncal, N.; Davies, C.R.; Llanos-Cuentas, A.; Miles, M.A.;
Am J Trop Med Hyg
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