Dr Edmund Njeru Njagi

Associate Professor
in Medical Statistics and Cancer Epidemiology

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

My research work spans the cancer care pathway: routes to diagnosis, access to diagnostic investigations, staging, treatment and related/subsequent outcomes. Disentangling drivers of variation in cancer care and cancer outcomes through robust statistical and epidemiological approaches on large linked national administrative and clinical datasets encapsulates my day-to-day activities.

I am part of the National Cancer Audit Collaborating Centre within the Clinical Effectiveness Unit, long-standing academic collaboration between the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Broadly, I study the quality of, and variation in, cancer care and cancer outcomes in England and Wales, in the context of cancer services research commissioned by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership on behalf of the National Health Service England and the Welsh Government. I previously worked with the Inequalities in Cancer Outcomes Network at LSHTM on Cancer Research UK-funded studies on variation in cancer care and cancer outcomes in England.

I trained in Biostatistics at Universiteit Hasselt in Belgium within the Interuniversity Institute for Biostatistics and statistical Bioinformatics, where I obtained my PhD in Biostatistics focusing on statistical methodology for longitudinal and missing data analysis, and where I subsequently consulted for the European Food Safety Authority.

Internationally, I regularly speak on the topic of missing data and multiple imputation in cancer epidemiology for the biennial Corsican Summer School on Modern Methods in Biostatistics and Epidemiology in France. I have also had invited engagements at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town and the University of Nairobi, ranging from invited lectures to research supervision. 


Faculty of Public Health and Policy
Department of Health Services Research and Policy


- Statistics

- Epidemiology


Variation/inequalities in cancer care and cancer outcomes, focusing on breast cancer (primary and metastatic), ovarian, pancreatic, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and kidney cancer.

Research Area
Clinical care
Health care policy
Health inequalities
Health outcomes
Health policy
Health services research
Public health
Health services
Disease and Health Conditions
United Kingdom

Selected Publications

Pairwise joint modeling of clustered and high-dimensional outcomes with covariate missingness in pediatric pneumonia care.
Gachau S; Njagi EN; Molenberghs G; Owuor N; Sarguta R; English M; Ayieko P
Handling missing data in a composite outcome with partially observed components: simulation study based on clustered paediatric routine data.
Gachau S; Njagi EN; Owuor N; Mwaniki P; Quartagno M; Sarguta R; English M; Ayieko P
Journal of applied statistics
Improved longitudinal data analysis for cross-over design settings, with a piecewise linear mixed-effects model
Mwangi M; Verbeke G; Njagi EN; Mwalili S; Ivanova A; Bukania ZN; Molenberghs G
Communications in Statistics: Case Studies, Data Analysis and Applications
Excess Mortality by Multimorbidity, Socioeconomic, and Healthcare Factors, amongst Patients Diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell or Follicular Lymphoma in England.
Smith MJ; Belot A; Quartagno M; Luque Fernandez MA; Bonaventure A; Gachau S; Benitez Majano S; Rachet B; Njagi EN
Investigating the inequalities in route to diagnosis amongst patients with diffuse large B-cell or follicular lymphoma in England.
Smith MJ; Fernandez MAL; Belot A; Quartagno M; Bonaventure A; Majano SB; Rachet B; Njagi EN
British journal of cancer
O17 Modelling longitudinal patient-reported outcome measures in JDM
Baptiste PJ; Wedderburn LR; Deakin CT; Stavola BLD; Njagi EN
Comorbidity prevalence among cancer patients: a population-based cohort study of four cancers.
Fowler H; Belot A; Ellis L; Maringe C; Luque-Fernandez MA; Njagi EN; Navani N; Sarfati D; Rachet B
BMC cancer
Handling missing data in modelling quality of clinician-prescribed routine care: Sensitivity analysis of departure from missing at random assumption.
Gachau S; Quartagno M; Njagi EN; Owuor N; English M; Ayieko P
Statistical methods in medical research
Random effects models for estimation of the probability and time to progression of a continuous biomarker.
Reddy T; Molenberghs G; Bruckers L; Njagi EN; Aerts M; Willem Schurink G
Pharmaceutical statistics
Association between age, deprivation and specific comorbid conditions and the receipt of major surgery in patients with non-small cell lung cancer in England: A population-based study.
Belot A; Fowler H; Njagi EN; Luque-Fernandez M-A; Maringe C; Magadi W; Exarchakou A; Quaresma M; Turculet A; Peake MD
Persistent inequalities in 90-day colon cancer mortality: an English cohort study.
Fowler H; Belot A; Njagi EN; Luque-Fernandez MA; Maringe C; Quaresma M; Kajiwara M; Rachet B
British journal of cancer
A novel approach to estimation of the time to biomarker threshold: applications to HIV.
Reddy T; Molenberghs G; Njagi EN; Aerts M
Pharmaceutical statistics
A joint model for longitudinal continuous and time-to-event outcomes with direct marginal interpretation.
Efendi A; Molenberghs G; Njagi EN; Dendale P
Biometrical journal Biometrische Zeitschrift
A flexible joint modeling framework for longitudinal and time-to-event data with overdispersion.
Njagi EN; Molenberghs G; Rizopoulos D; Verbeke G; Kenward MG; Dendale P; Willekens K
Statistical methods in medical research
Enriched-Data Problems and Essential Non-Identifiability
Molenberghs G; Njagi EN; Kenward MG; Verbeke G
International journal of statistics in medical research
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