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MSc CSci CStat

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Keppel Street
United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7927 2101

Edmond serves primarily as a statistical advisor to the Global Burden of Disease Independent Advisory Committee (GBD IAC) and supports its Chair in strategic development and priority setting for the Committee. The GBD IAC, chaired by Peter Piot and managed at the LSHTM by Sarah Curran, is an independent committee of global experts who provides strategic guidance and feedback on the GBD methodology and results. Edmond is based in the Director's Office at the LSHTM.

He is a Chartered Statistician with multifaceted professional interests and experience working in academia as well as different governmental settings in Hong Kong and the UK. Previously he was part of the experimental Sand and Bricks Theatre group in Hong Kong and later joined the now defunct UK Film Council as Senior Research Executive  to conduct film policy research. While he was at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he was a statistician to support ophthalmic and musculoskeletal researches at the university. He first joined the LSHTM in 2000 and was a Lecturer in Medical Statistics conducting researches in statistical methodology and health economics. He was also a Research Officer in statistical software development at the Centre for Multilevel Modelling of the Institute of Education in London, and a Research Statistician in pharmacoepidemiology at the Clinical Research Practice Datalink (CPRD) of The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

He is a panel member of the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) for The Health Improvement Network (THIN). 


Director’s Office


Edmond's current research interests include statistical methods for global disease burden metrics, pharmcoepidemiology, e-health, animation of health data, and statistical computing (author of the prototype graphic user interface (GUI) of the advanced multilevel modelling software REALCOM and two user-contributed Stata commands, tsb and tsbceprob).

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Other publications: 

Ng ESW (2005) A review of mixed-effects models in S-plus (version 6.2)

UK Film Council Statistical Yearbook 2006/72008, and 2009

Research Area
Statistical methods
Global Health

Selected Publications

A cluster-randomized trial to reduce caesarean delivery rates in Quebec: cost-effectiveness analysis.
Johri, M. ; Ng, E.S.W. ; Bermudez-Tamayo, C. ; Hoch, J.S. ; Ducruet, T. ; Chaillet, N. ;
The efficiency of cardiovascular risk assessment: do the right patients get statin treatment?
van Staa, T.P. ; Smeeth, L. ; Ng, E.S. ; Goldacre, B. ; Gulliford, M. ;
Multilevel models for cost-effectiveness analyses that use cluster randomised trial data: An approach to model choice.
Ng, E.S.; Diaz-Ordaz, K.; Grieve, R.; Nixon, R.M.; Thompson, S.G.; Carpenter, J.R.;
Stat Methods Med Res
MSE<Variance? A pitfall in calculating the mean square error.
Ng, E.S.W;
Model Assisted Statistics and Applications
Estimation in generalised linear mixed models with binary outcomes by simulated maximum likelihood
Ng, E.S.W.; Carpenter, J.R.; Goldstein, H.; Rasbash, J.
Statistical Modelling
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