Ms Amy Mulick


Research Fellow
in Statistical Epidemiology


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

I work as an applied statistician, addressing statistical and epidemiological questions in diverse medical specialties. Special interests are metabolomics, biomarker discovery, linear mixed modelling, statistical programming and complex modelling.

Currently (February 2018) I work with Dr Sinead Langan on the problem of phenotyping eczema. 


Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
Department of Medical Statistics


Statistical Methodology


In Term 1 I organise Introduction to Statistical Computing on the London-based MSc in Medical Statistics and teach the Stata module, and I assist practical sessions for Robust Statistical Methods. In Term 3 I lecture on metabolomics during the 'Big Data' session. Throughout the year I tutor on the module ‘Further Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials’ on the distance learning MSc in Clinical Trials.

Previously I organised or assisted with other statistical modules including Probability, Inference, Analytical Techniques, Linear Regression, Statistical Methods in Epidemiology (SME) and Advanced Statistical Methods in Epidemiology (ASME), and have delivered similar content in summer short courses, externally in the UK and abroad.


Currently I am researching and developing optimal statistical methods for identifying phenotypes of disease, with application to eczema (atopic dermatitis).  My ongoing work with Professor JP Casas at UCL is in using metabolomic profiles to quantify heterogeneity in serum high-density lipoprotein (HDL) metabolism and to identify metabolites that can discriminate between different (medical) causes of mortality.

Statistical methods: Survival analysis, linear mixed models, exploratory factor analysis, k-means and hierarchical cluster analysis, latent class analysis, meta-analysis.

Research Area
Statistical methods

Selected Publications

Design optimization for clinical trials in early-stage manifest Huntington's disease.
Frost, C. ; Mulick, A. ; Scahill, R.I. ; Owen, G. ; Aylward, E. ; Leavitt, B.R. ; Durr, A. ; Roos, R.A.C. ; Borowsky, B. ; Stout, J.C. ; Reilmann, R. ; Langbehn, D.R. ; Tabrizi, S.J. ; Sampaio, C. ; TRACK-HD Investigators, . ;
Mov Disord
Visuospatial Processing Deficits Linked to Posterior Brain Regions in Premanifest and Early Stage Huntington's Disease.
Labuschagne, I. ; Cassidy, A.M. ; Scahill, R.I. ; Johnson, E.B. ; Rees, E. ; O'Regan, A. ; Queller, S. ; Frost, C. ; Leavitt, B.R. ; Dürr, A. ; Roos, R. ; Owen, G. ; Borowsky, B. ; Tabrizi, S.J. ; Stout, J.C. ; TRACK-HD Investigators, . ;
J Int Neuropsychol Soc
Mendelian Randomisation study of the influence of eGFR on coronary heart disease.
Charoen, P. ; Nitsch, D. ; Engmann, J. ; Shah, T. ; White, J. ; Zabaneh, D. ; Jefferis, B. ; Wannamethee, G. ; Whincup, P. ; Mulick Cassidy, A. ; Gaunt, T. ; Day, I. ; McLachlan, S. ; Price, J. ; Kumari, M. ; Kivimaki, M. ; Brunner, E. ; Langenberg, C. ; Ben-Shlomo, Y. ; Hingorani, A. ; Whittaker, J. ; Pablo Casas, J. ; Dudbridge, F. ; UCLEB Consortium, . ; COLLABORATORS;Dale, C. ; Finan, C. ; Wong, A. ; Ong, K. ; Drenos, F. ; Cooper, J. ; Sofat, R. ; Schmidt, F. ; Lawlor, D.A. ; Talmud, P.J. ; Humphries, S.E. ; Hardy, R. ; Kuh, D. ; Wareham, N. ; Morris, R. ; Plagno, V. ;
Sci Rep
Improved survival in a cohort of trial participants with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer demonstrates the need for updated prognostic nomograms.
Omlin, A. ; Pezaro, C. ; Mukherji, D. ; Mulick Cassidy, A. ; Sandhu, S. ; Bianchini, D. ; Olmos, D. ; Ferraldeschi, R. ; Maier, G. ; Thompson, E. ; Parker, C. ; Attard, G. ; de Bono, J. ;
Eur Urol
Sarcopenia and change in body composition following maximal androgen suppression with abiraterone in men with castration-resistant prostate cancer.
Pezaro, C. ; Mukherji, D. ; Tunariu, N. ; Cassidy, A.M. ; Omlin, A. ; Bianchini, D. ; Seed, G. ; Reid, A.H. ; Olmos, D. ; de Bono, J.S. ; Attard, G. ;
Br J Cancer
Clinical and biochemical consequences of CYP17A1 inhibition with abiraterone given with and without exogenous glucocorticoids in castrate men with advanced prostate cancer.
Attard, G. ; Reid, A.H. ; Auchus, R.J. ; Hughes, B.A. ; Cassidy, A.M. ; Thompson, E. ; Oommen, N.B. ; Folkerd, E. ; Dowsett, M. ; Arlt, W. ; de Bono, J.S. ;
J Clin Endocrinol Metab
Multi-purpose utility of circulating plasma DNA testing in patients with advanced cancers.
Perkins, G. ; Yap, T.A. ; Pope, L. ; Cassidy, A.M. ; Dukes, J.P. ; Riisnaes, R. ; Massard, C. ; Cassier, P.A. ; Miranda, S. ; Clark, J. ; Denholm, K.A. ; Thway, K. ; Gonzalez De Castro, D. ; Attard, G. ; Molife, L.R. ; Kaye, S.B. ; Banerji, U. ; de Bono, J.S. ;
PLoS One
Unbiased and automated identification of a circulating tumour cell definition that associates with overall survival.
Ligthart, S.T. ; Coumans, F.A. ; Attard, G. ; Cassidy, A.M. ; de Bono, J.S. ; Terstappen, L.W. ;
PLoS One
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