Ms Amy Mulick


Research Fellow
in Statistical Epidemiology


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

I am an applied biostatistician, addressing clinical and epidemiological questions in diverse medical specialties. Special interests are metabolomics, biomarker discovery, linear mixed modelling, statistical programming and complex modelling.

Currently (March 2020) I work with Professor Sinéad Langan on the problem of phenotyping eczema. 


Department of Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Centre for Global Chronic Conditions
Statistical Methodology


Currently I teach on the 'Further Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials' module for the MSc in Clinical Trials. In previous years I taught on modules covering statistical methods, statistical computing and statistics for epidemiology for MSc students, students taking short courses and public health professionals externally contracted by the School.


With Professor Sinéad Langan I am identifying phenotypes of disease using data from traditional cohorts and from routinely collected data available in electronic health records (EHRs), with application to eczema (atopic dermatitis). I continue to work with Professor JP Casas (Harvard University) using metabolomic profiles to quantify heterogeneity in serum high-density lipoprotein (HDL) metabolism and to identify biomarkers that can discriminate between different (medical) causes of mortality; with Professor Simon Cousens to estimate the distribution of neonatal causes of death in the presence of outcome misclassification; and with Professor Chris Frost on development of the Stata package 'slopepower', which estimates sample sizes for trials with rate-of-change outcomes.

Statistical methods: Linear mixed models, meta-analysis, survival analysis, multivariate methods, Bayesian methods.

Research Area
Clinical trials
Statistical methods
Bayesian Analysis

Selected Publications

How the EMERGE guideline on medication adherence can improve the quality of clinical trials.
Eliasson L; Clifford S; Mulick A; Jackson C; Vrijens B
British journal of clinical pharmacology
Atopic eczema and major cardiovascular outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis of population-based studies.
Ascott A; Mulick A; Yu AM; Prieto-Merino D; Schmidt M; Abuabara K; Smeeth L; Roberts A; Langan SM
The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology
Does depression treatment improve the survival of depressed patients with cancer? A long-term follow-up of participants in the SMaRT Oncology-2 and 3 trials.
Mulick A; Walker J; Puntis S; Burke K; Symeonides S; Gourley C; Wanat M; Frost C; Sharpe M
The lancet Psychiatry
Is improvement in comorbid major depression associated with longer survival in people with cancer? A long-term follow-up of participants in the SMaRT Oncology-2 and 3 trials.
Mulick A; Walker J; Puntis S; Symeonides S; Gourley C; Burke K; Wanat M; Frost C; Sharpe M
Journal of Psychosomatic Research
Classifying atopic dermatitis: protocol for a systematic review of subtypes (phenotypes) and associated characteristics.
Mulick AR; Allen V; Williams HC; Grindlay DJC; Pearce N; Abuabara K; Langan SM
BMJ open
The prevalence of depression in general hospital inpatients: a systematic review and meta-analysis of interview-based studies.
Walker J; Burke K; Wanat M; Fisher R; Fielding J; Mulick A; Puntis S; Sharpe J; Esposti MD; Harriss E
Psychological medicine
Design optimization for clinical trials in early-stage manifest Huntington's disease.
Frost C; Mulick A; Scahill RI; Owen G; Aylward E; Leavitt BR; Durr A; Roos RAC; Borowsky B; Stout JC
Movement disorders
Visuospatial Processing Deficits Linked to Posterior Brain Regions in Premanifest and Early Stage Huntington's Disease.
Labuschagne I; Cassidy AM; Scahill RI; Johnson EB; Rees E; O'Regan A; Queller S; Frost C; Leavitt BR; Dürr A
Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society
Improved survival in a cohort of trial participants with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer demonstrates the need for updated prognostic nomograms.
Omlin A; Pezaro C; Mukherji D; Mulick Cassidy A; Sandhu S; Bianchini D; Olmos D; Ferraldeschi R; Maier G; Thompson E
European urology
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