Ms Sarah Moxon


Research Fellow


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

Sarah is a PhD candidate and research fellow in Professor Joy Lawn’s team in the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology where she provides research and technical support to the Every Newborn Action Plan and Saving Newborn Lives project. Her current work, and her PhD, is focused on improving the quality of care for small and sick newborns and developing the associated metrics for monitoring these programmes.

Sarah has a degree in nursing from the University of Manchester and worked as a neonatal nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children and Homerton University Hospital neonatal intensive care in London. Sarah began to develop her career in global health through studying a diploma in International Community Health Care and a Masters in Public Health at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the University of Liverpool.

Sarah has worked in Nicaragua, Argentina, Libya, Malawi, Uganda and South Sudan on a variety of maternal, newborn and child health and HIV programmes. Sarah has a special interest in health systems, newborn health in complex settings and has experience working in conflict and humanitarian crises. In the last few years, she has focused especially on evaluations of child survival programmes and facility based assessment of quality of care for women, children and newborns.



Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology


Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive & Child Health (MARCH)
Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre


Sarah teaches on Current Issues in Perinatal health on the MSc in Reproductive and Sexual Health Research  where she also acts as a personal tutor.

Sarah also teaches on the Professional Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 

Sarah has also contributed sessions to the module on Conflict and Health


Research Area
Child health
Health systems
Public health
Neonatal health

Selected Publications

Update on Blindness Due to Retinopathy of Prematurity Globally and in India.
Blencowe, H. ; Moxon, S. ; Gilbert, C. ;
Indian Pediatr
Implementation of the Every Newborn Action Plan: Progress and lessons learned.
Kinney, M.V.; Cocoman, O.; Dickson, K.E.; Daelmans, B.; Zaka, N.; Rhoda, N.R.; Moxon, S.G.; Kak, L.; Lawn, J.E.; Khadka, N.; Darmstadt, G.L.;
Semin Perinatol
Antenatal corticosteroids for management of preterm birth: a multi-country analysis of health system bottlenecks and potential solutions.
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BMC Pregnancy Childbirth
Kangaroo mother care: a multi-country analysis of health system bottlenecks and potential solutions.
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BMC Pregnancy Childbirth
Inpatient care of small and sick newborns: a multi-country analysis of health system bottlenecks and potential solutions.
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BMC Pregnancy Childbirth
Count every newborn; a measurement improvement roadmap for coverage data.
Moxon, S.G. ; Ruysen, H. ; Kerber, K.J. ; Amouzou, A. ; Fournier, S. ; Grove, J. ; Moran, A.C. ; Vaz, L.M. ; Blencowe, H. ; Conroy, N. ; Gülmezoglu, A. ; Vogel, J.P. ; Rawlins, B. ; Sayed, R. ; Hill, K. ; Vivio, D. ; Qazi, S.A. ; Sitrin, D. ; Seale, A.C. ; Wall, S. ; Jacobs, T. ; Ruiz Peláez, J. ; Guenther, T. ; Coffey, P.S. ; Dawson, P. ; Marchant, T. ; Waiswa, P. ; Deorari, A. ; Enweronu-Laryea, C. ; Arifeen, S. ; Lee, A.C. ; Mathai, M. ; Lawn, J.E. ;
BMC Pregnancy Childbirth
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