Dr Sarah Moxon

Assistant Professor

United Kingdom


Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and International Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre

Selected Publications

Human Resources for Health-Related Challenges to Ensuring Quality Newborn Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Scoping Review.
Bolan, N; Cowgill, KD; Walker, K; Kak, L; Shaver, T; MOXON, S; Lincetto, O;
Global health, science and practice
Assessment of the validity of the measurement of newborn and maternal health-care coverage in hospitals (EN-BIRTH): an observational study.
DAY, LT; Sadeq-Ur Rahman, Q; Ehsanur Rahman, A; Salim, N; Kc, A; RUYSEN, H; Tahsina, T; Masanja, H; Basnet, O; GORE-LANGTON, GR; Zaman, SB; SHABANI, J; Jha, AK; GORDEEV, VS; Ameen, S; Shamba, D; Jha, B; BOGGS, D; Hossain, T; Shirima, K; Bastola, RC; PEVEN, K; Siddique, AB; Mbaruku, G; Paudel, R; ... EN-BIRTH Expert Advisory Group,
Lancet Glob Health
Birthweight: EN-BIRTH multi-country validation study.
Kong, S; DAY, LT; Zaman, SB; PEVEN, K; Salim, N; Sunny, AK; Shamba, D; Rahman, QS-U; K C, A; RUYSEN, H; El Arifeen, S; MEE, P; Gladstone, ME; BLENCOWE, H; LAWN, JE; EN-BIRTH Study Group,;
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth
Stillbirths including intrapartum timing: EN-BIRTH multi-country validation study.
PEVEN, K; DAY, LT; RUYSEN, H; Tahsina, T; Kc, A; SHABANI, J; Kong, S; Ameen, S; Basnet, O; Haider, R; Rahman, QS-U; BLENCOWE, H; LAWN, JE; EN-BIRTH Study Group,;
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth
Kangaroo mother care: EN-BIRTH multi-country validation study.
Salim, N; SHABANI, J; PEVEN, K; Rahman, QS-U; Kc, A; Shamba, D; RUYSEN, H; Rahman, AE; Kc, N; Mkopi, N; Zaman, SB; Shirima, K; Ameen, S; Kong, S; Basnet, O; Manji, K; Kabuteni, TJ; BROTHERTON, H; MOXON, SG; Amouzou, A; Hailegebriel, TD; DAY, LT; LAWN, JE; EN-BIRTH Study Group,;
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth
Chlorhexidine for facility-based umbilical cord care: EN-BIRTH multi-country validation study.
Zaman, SB; Siddique, AB; RUYSEN, H; Kc, A; PEVEN, K; Ameen, S; Thakur, N; Rahman, QS-U; Salim, N; Gurung, R; Tahsina, T; Rahman, AE; Coffey, PS; Rawlins, B; DAY, LT; LAWN, JE; Arifeen, SE; EN-BIRTH Study Group,;
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth
Voices from the frontline: findings from a thematic analysis of a rapid online global survey of maternal and newborn health professionals facing the COVID-19 pandemic.
Semaan, A; Audet, C; Huysmans, E; Afolabi, B; Assarag, B; BANKE-THOMAS, A; BLENCOWE, H; Caluwaerts, S; CAMPBELL, OM R; Cavallaro, FL; Chavane, L; DAY, LT; Delamou, A; Delvaux, T; GRAHAM, WJ; GON, G; Kascak, P; Matsui, M; MOXON, S; Nakimuli, A; Pembe, A; RADOVICH, E; Van den Akker, T; Benova, L;
BMJ global health
Parents as carers on a neonatal unit: Qualitative study of parental and staff perceptions in a low-income setting.
Ndiaye, S; Bosowski, J; Tuyisenge, L; PENN-KEKANA, L; THOROGOOD, N; MOXON, SG; Lissauer, T;
Early human development
Categorising interventions to levels of inpatient care for small and sick newborns: Findings from a global survey.
MOXON, SG; BLENCOWE, H; Bailey, P; BRADLEY, J; DAY, LT; Ram, PK; MONET, J-P; Moran, AC; Zeck, W; LAWN, JE;
PloS one
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