Dr Katy Morgan


Research Fellow
in Medical Statistics

Keppel Street
United Kingdom

One of my main research interests is in the statistical methodology of clinical trials. I hold a MRC Skills Development Fellowship, during which I will be looking at ways of improving the statistical efficiency of randomised controlled trials through their design, focusing on trials that look for a difference in slopes over time and series of N-of-1 trials.

I studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, and completed a PhD in particle physics at Durham University. I then retrained as a medical statistician through an NIHR research methods fellowship. As part of the fellowship I obtained an MSc in Medical Statistics from LSHTM and worked at the Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit, Queen Mary University of London. I joined the School as a research fellow in 2014.


Department of Medical Statistics
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Statistical Methodology


I give lectures on the Frequentist Statistical Inference module of the Medical Statistics MSc. I also help in various practical sessions including those for Statistical Computing (Stata).


Research Area
Clinical trials
Statistical methods

Selected Publications

The contribution of obesity to carotid atherosclerotic plaque burden in a general population sample in Norway: The Tromsø Study.
Imahori Y; Mathiesen EB; Leon DA; Hopstock LA; Hughes AD; Johnsen SH; Jørgensen L; Emaus N; Morgan KE
Interpreting population reach of a large, successful physical activity trial delivered through primary care.
Kerry SM; Morgan KE; Limb E; Cook DG; Furness C; Carey I; DeWilde S; Victor CR; Iliffe S; Whincup P
BMC public health
Increasing the Availability of Psychological Treatments: A Multinational Study of a Scalable Method for Training Therapists.
O'Connor M; Morgan KE; Bailey-Straebler S; Fairburn CG; Cooper Z
Journal of medical Internet research
Know Your Heart: Rationale, design and conduct of a cross-sectional study of cardiovascular structure, function and risk factors in 4500 men and women aged 35-69 years from two Russian cities, 2015-18
Cook S; Malyutina S; Kudryavtsev A; Averina M; Bobrova N; Boytsov S; Brage S; Clark T; Diez Benavente E; Eggen AE
Wellcome Open Research
Quality of stepped-wedge trial reporting can be reliably assessed using an updated CONSORT: crowd-sourcing systematic review
Hemming K; Carroll K; Thompson J; Forbes A; Taljaard M; Dutton SJ; Madurasinghe V; Morgan K; Stuart B; Fielding K
Journal of Clinical Epidemiology
Cluster randomized trials with a small number of clusters: which analyses should be used?
Leyrat C; Morgan KE; Leurent B; Kahan BC
International journal of epidemiology
Using the Internet to Train Therapists: Randomized Comparison of Two Scalable Methods.
Cooper Z; Bailey-Straebler S; Morgan KE; O'Connor ME; Caddy C; Hamadi L; Fairburn CG
Journal of medical Internet research
Choosing appropriate analysis methods for cluster randomised cross-over trials with a binary outcome.
Morgan KE; Forbes AB; Keogh RH; Jairath V; Kahan BC
Statistics in medicine
Appropriate statistical methods were infrequently used in cluster randomised crossover trials.
Arnup SJ; Forbes AB; Kahan BC; Morgan KE; McKenzie JE
Journal of clinical epidemiology
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