Lisa Montel


Research Degree Student
PhD candidate at LSHTM and Research Associate in Law at Bristol University

Keppel Street
United Kingdom

My main research interests lie with the legal and political determinants of health to remedy health inequalities.

My PhD research focuses on constructing, as well as testing, new indicators for a human rights-based approach to cancer control. I focus on breast cancer, but most indicators which are policy-oriented can be applied to the four non-communicable diseases with the biggest burden: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and diabetes. My background in law and human rights allows me to adopt a new position on health governance. Perhaps more importantly, my experience at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and training in epidemiology, medical statistics, and health systems, complement my legal background to bridge the gap between legal scholars and scientists.

I currently work as a Research Associate in Law on the TRUUD project, which aims to reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases linked to the built environment through the transformation of the systems of city planning, development, and governance across the UK.

In parallel to this role, I am interested and involved in research on human rights and COVID-19. In particular, I am looking into the implications of the current pandemic for the right to health. Together with other experts, we submitted evidence to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights in July 2020.

My previous experience spans from management of a massive research programme on cancer survival (CONCORD programme) through to legal research on human rights at the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the International Bar Association Human Rights Institute. Through these roles, I had the opportunity to engage with a variety of policy stakeholders such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development or health ministries in various countries.

Lastly, in parallel to my PhD and my current role, I lead a public engagement project on breast cancer called ‘The People Behind the Numbers’. Through photography and storytelling, both scientists and non-scientists have the opportunity to hear the perspective of women who survived breast cancer in Peru, Nigeria, Algeria and Italy. As part of this project, I organised an exhibition in July 2019 at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. As this project is ultimately a vector to raise awareness on inequalities in breast cancer survival worldwide, a larger exhibition is now in preparation in an attempt to widen the audience that these women have a chance to tell their story to.

I am a member of the Centre for Health, Law, and Society and the Human Rights Implemenatation Centre at the Bristol Law School. I am a member of the Economic and Social Rights Academic Network in the UK and Ireland.


Department of Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Research Area
Health inequalities
Health policy
Health systems
Public health
Social and structural determinants of health
Global Health
Disease and Health Conditions
Non-communicable diseases
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