Dr Alec Miners


Associate Professor
in Health Economics

Room 134

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

0207 927 2069

Following graduation from the MSc in Health Economics at York, Alec worked for 5 years at the Royal Free Medical School, London. His main work / thesis project was on a study assessing the cost-effectiveness of different treatments for people with clotting factor disorders. He then went on to work at the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence as a Technical Advisor and as a honorary Research Fellow at Brunel University, before joining the LSHTM in 2006.

He was a member of NICE's Technology Appraisals Committee between 2007 and 2015 and is a current member of its Decision Support Unit


Department of Health Services Research and Policy
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Alec lectures and is a seminar leader on Introduction to Health Economics and Economic Evaluation


His main research interests are in assessing the cost-effectiveness of HIV / STIs treatments and methods of prevention, mainly from a high income perspective.  He is also interested in patient preferences regarding HIV / STI service configurations.


Research Area
Decision analysis
Economic evaluation
Public health
Disease and Health Conditions
Infectious disease
Sexually transmitted disease
Sexually transmitted infection
European Union

Selected Publications

Assessment of the Potential Impact and Cost-effectiveness of Self-Testing for HIV in Low-Income Countries.
Cambiano, V. ; Ford, D. ; Mabugu, T. ; Napierala Mavedzenge, S. ; Miners, A. ; Mugurungi, O. ; Nakagawa, F. ; Revill, P. ; Phillips, A. ;
J Infect Dis
Projected Lifetime Healthcare Costs Associated with HIV Infection.
Nakagawa, F. ; Miners, A. ; Smith, C.J. ; Simmons, R. ; Lodwick, R.K. ; Cambiano, V. ; Lundgren, J.D. ; Delpech, V. ; Phillips, A.N. ;
PLoS One
Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Drug Resistance Testing to Inform Switching to Second Line Antiretroviral Therapy in Low Income Settings.
Phillips, A. ; Cambiano, V. ; Nakagawa, F. ; Magubu, T. ; Miners, A. ; Ford, D. ; Pillay, D. ; De Luca, A. ; Lundgren, J. ; Revill, P. ;
PLoS One
Assessing user preferences for sexually transmitted infection testing services: a discrete choice experiment.
Miners, A.; Llewellyn, C.; Pollard, A.; Lagarde, M.; Richardson, D.; Cairns, J.; Fisher, M.; Smith, H.;
Sex Transm Infect
Cost-effectiveness of tenofovir instead of zidovudine for use in first-line antiretroviral therapy in settings without virological monitoring
von Wyl, V.; Cambiano, V.; Jordan, M.R.; Bertagnolio, S.; Miners, A.; Pillay, D.; Lundgren, J.; Phillips, A.N.
PLoS One
The cost-effectiveness of HCV antiviral treatment for injecting drug user populations.
Martin, N.K.; Vickerman, P.; Miners, A.; Foster, G.R.; Hutchinson, S.J.; Goldberg, D.J.; Hickman, M.;
Assessing the cost-effectiveness of HAART for adults with HIV in England.
Miners, A.H.; Sabin, C.A.; Trueman, P.; Youle, M.; Mocroft, A.; Johnson, M.; Beck, E.J.;
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