Dr James Milner

Assistant Professor

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7927 2510

My research involves mathematical modelling of environmental interventions and their impacts on human health, with a particular focus on assessing the health effects of climate change mitigation actions.


Department of Public Health, Environments and Society
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health


I am the module organiser of Environmental Health Policy (PHM206) on the MSc Public Health by Distance Learning. I am also a Deputy Chair of the Exam Board.

I lecture and act as a personal tutor on the MSc Public Health.

I currently supervise doctoral students working on the following topics:

  • Urban greenspace and respiratory health
  • Occupational air pollution and respiratory health in Ghana
  • Multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) to support 'nutrition-sensitive' agriculture
  • The health impacts of particle filtration to reduce PM2.5 in residences


I currently work on the following projects and initiatives:

  • Advancing School Performance: Indoor environmental quality, Resilience and Educational outcomes (ASPIRE)
  • Assessing Mitigation Pathways to Realise Public Health Benefits of Air Pollutant Emission Reductions from Agriculture (AMPHoRA)
  • Complex Urban Systems for Sustainability and Health (CUSSH)
  • Children, Cities and Climate (CCC)
  • Health impact evaluation of the Irish Government's Warmth and Wellbeing pilot home energy efficiency scheme
  • HEICCAM research network (HEICCAM)
  • WinWindow: tracking the co-benefits of a green recovery (WinWindow)
  • The Lancet Countdown, which is tracking global progress on climate change and health
Research Area
Climate change
Health impact analysis
Public health
Environmental Health
Mathematical modelling

Selected Publications

Exposure to urban greenspace and pathways to respiratory health: An exploratory systematic review.
Mueller W; Milner J; Loh M; Vardoulakis S; Wilkinson P
Science of the total environment
Home energy efficiency under net zero: time to monitor UK indoor air.
Petrou G; Hutchinson E; Mavrogianni A; Milner J; Macintyre H; Phalkey R; Hsu S-C; Symonds P; Davies M; Wilkinson P
A tool for assessing the climate change mitigation and health impacts of environmental policies: the Cities Rapid Assessment Framework for Transformation (CRAFT).
Symonds P; Milner J; Mohajeri N; Aplin J; Hale J; J Lloyd S; Fremont H; Younkin S; Shrubsole C; Robertson L
Wellcome open research
Health benefits of policies to reduce carbon emissions.
Milner J; Hamilton I; Woodcock J; Williams M; Davies M; Wilkinson P; Haines A
BMJ: British Medical Journal
Building a Methodological Foundation for Impactful Urban Planetary Health Science.
Pineo H; Audia C; Black D; French M; Gemmell E; Lovasi GS; Milner J; Montes F; Niu Y; Pérez-Ferrer C
Journal of Urban Health
Household air pollution in Nairobi's slums: A long-term policy evaluation using participatory system dynamics.
Dianati K; Zimmermann N; Milner J; Muindi K; Ezeh A; Chege M; Mberu B; Kyobutungi C; Fletcher H; Wilkinson P
Science of The Total Environment
An Exposure-Mortality Relationship for Residential Indoor PM2.5 Exposure from Outdoor Sources
Milner J; Armstrong B; Davies M; Ridley I; Chalabi Z; Shrubsole C; Vardoulakis S; Wilkinson P
Projected health effects of realistic dietary changes to address freshwater constraints in India: a modelling study.
Milner J; Joy EJM; Green R; Harris F; Aleksandrowicz L; Agrawal S; Smith P; Haines A; Dangour AD
The lancet Planetary health
The potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the UK through healthy and realistic dietary change
Green R; Milner J; Dangour AD; Haines A; Chalabi Z; Markandya A; Spadaro J; Wilkinson P
Climatic change
Health effects of home energy efficiency interventions in England: a modelling study.
Hamilton I; Milner J; Chalabi Z; Das P; Jones B; Shrubsole C; Davies M; Wilkinson P
BMJ open
Health effects of adopting low greenhouse gas emission diets in the UK.
Milner J; Green R; Dangour AD; Haines A; Chalabi Z; Spadaro J; Markandya A; Wilkinson P
BMJ open
Home energy efficiency and radon related risk of lung cancer: modelling study.
Milner J; Shrubsole C; Das P; Jones B; Ridley I; Chalabi Z; Hamilton I; Armstrong B; Davies M; Wilkinson P
BMJ (Clinical research ed)
Urban energy, carbon management (low carbon cities) and co-benefits for human health
Milner J; Davies M; Wilkinson P
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability
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