Mr Joshua Mendelsohn

DL Module Organizer

Pace University
161 William Street
New York, 10038
United States


I am an Associate Professor in the College of Health Professions and Director of the MPH at Pace University in New York City. I am also an Adjunct Professor / Tutor in the Distance Learning Program at LSHTM. My research focuses on HIV treatment and prevention among crisis-affected and mobile populations. I completed my doctoral studies in the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at LSHTM, and a postdoctoralfFellowship at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto. I hold an MSc in Environmental Change and Management (University of Oxford) and a BSc (Honours) in Zoology and Psychology from the University of Toronto. I am an Associate Managing Editor for the journal Conflict & Health.


Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre


At LSHTM, I am a Tutor (former Module Organizer) on the Distance Learning Conflict and Health module. Previously, I taught on the Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases module. At Pace, I teach Global Health IT and Innovation, Healthcare for Diverse Populations, and Capstone.


My research interests are focused on global health equity and HIV treatment and prevention among crisis-affected and mobile populations. My work typically uses mixed methods approaches with a focus on innovative social interventions for improving population health. I have active grant-funded studies investigating the effectiveness of immediate antiretroviral therapy for reducing incident HIV infections in Shanghai; evaluation of an arts-based HIV stigma-reduction intervention among young people in northern Uganda; HIV risk and relationship satisfaction among serodiscordant couples in Canada; and mental health and vaccination attitudes among college students post Covid-19. My work is supported primarily by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research.

Research Area
Field epidemiology
Social epidemiology
Population health
Operational research
Health inequalities
Mixed methods research
Global health
Health in humanitarian crises
Implementation science
Disease and Health Conditions
Emerging infectious diseases
United States of America
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)
North America
East Asia & Pacific (all income levels)

Selected Publications

Reducing HIV-related stigma in school children in Northern Uganda: Study protocol for an arts-based population health intervention and stepped-wedge cluster-randomized controlled trial
MENDELSOHN, JB; Fournier, B; Caron-Roy, S; Maina, G; Strudwick, G; Ojok, S; Lim, HJ; Sanches, M; Logie, CH; Sommerfeldt, S; Nykiforuk, C; Harrowing, J; Adyanga, FA; Hakiigaba, JO; Bilash, O;
Research Square Platform LLC
A national recruitment strategy for HIV-serodiscordant partners living in Canada for the Positive Plus One study: a mixed-methods study.
Xi, M; Bullock, S; MENDELSOHN, JB; Iveniuk, J; Moravan, V; Burchell, AN; Tan, DH S; Daftary, A; Thompson, T; Lebouché, B; Bisaillon, L; Myers, T; Calzavara, L;
BMC public health
Disclosure of HIV-serodiscordant relationships and association with viral suppression: results from the Positive Plus One study.
MENDELSOHN, JB; Calzavara, L; Bullock, S; Iveniuk, J; Tan, DH S; Burchell, AN; Bourne, A; Lebouché, B; Daftary, A; Moravan, V; Loutfy, M; Conway, B; Positive Plus One Study Team,;
AIDS care
Social capital and HIV-serodiscordance: Disparities in access to personal and professional resources for HIV-positive and HIV-negative partners.
Iveniuk, J; Calzavara, L; Bullock, S; MENDELSOHN, J; Burchell, A; Bisaillon, L; Daftary, A; Lebouché, B; Masching, R; Thompson, T; Positive Plus One Team,;
SSM - population health
Dual pharmaceutical citizenship: Exploring biomedicalization in the daily lives of mixed HIV-serostatus couples in Canada.
Ryan, M; MENDELSOHN, JB; Daftary, A; Yang, M; Bullock, S; Lebouché, B; Calzavara, L; Positive Plus One Team,;
Social science & medicine
Epidemiology and clinical course of COVID-19 in Shanghai, China.
Shen, Y; Zheng, F; Sun, D; Ling, Y; Chen, J; Li, F; Li, T; Qian, Z; Zhang, Y; Xu, Q; Liu, L; Huang, Q; Shan, F; Xu, L; Wu, J; Zhu, Z; Song, Z; Li, S; Shi, Y; Zhang, J; Wu, X; MENDELSOHN, JB; Zhu, T; Lu, H;
Key gaps in the HIV cascade of care among men who have sex with men and migrants diagnosed with HIV: findings from a surveillance study in Shanghai
MENDELSOHN, JB; Cheng, H; Calzavara, L; Wang, S; Bullock, S; Mishra, S; Burchell, A; Loutfy, M; Li, A; Hogg, R; Steele, SJ; Moineddin, R; Kang, L;
The Lancet
Low levels of viral suppression among refugees and host nationals accessing antiretroviral therapy in a Kenyan refugee camp.
MENDELSOHN, JB; Spiegel, P; GRANT, A; Doraiswamy, S; Schilperoord, M; LARKE, N; Burton, JW; Okonji, JA; Zeh, C; Muhindo, B; Mohammed, IM; Mukui, IN; Patterson, N; SONDORP, E; ROSS, DA;
Conflict and health
A scoping review and thematic analysis of social and behavioural research among HIV-serodiscordant couples in high-income settings.
MENDELSOHN, JB; Calzavara, L; Daftary, A; Mitra, S; Pidutti, J; Allman, D; BOURNE, A; Loutfy, M; Myers, T;
BMC public health
Impact evaluation of a community-based intervention to reduce risky sexual behaviour among female sex workers in Shanghai, China.
Liu, J; Calzavara, L; MENDELSOHN, JB; O'Leary, A; Kang, L; Pan, Q; Myers, T; Ren, J; Cha, Y; Shi, G; Liu, X; Tian, X; Fan, H; Ni, Y; Remis, RS;
BMC public health
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