Dr Paul Mee


Assistant Professor


15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

020 7927 2768

I have a background in epidemiology, data science and spatial analysis and am particularly interested in research which aims to understand the barriers that prevent access to effective healthcare in resource poor regions. 

I have worked extensively on clinical trials and population heath research projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and spent over 4 years living and working at a demographic surveillance site in the rural North-East of South Africa before returning to the UK to take up a post at LSHTM.

My PhD entitled 'Who died where, when and why: An investigation of HIV-related mortality in rural South Africa'  explored risk factors associated with HIV-related mortality and how these changed as anti-retroviral medicines became more readily accessible in the public sector. 

I  work with the MeSH Consortium ( which is based at LSHTM . The focus of the consortium is to support national HIV programmes in the development of imporved methods for HIV surveillance with a focus on countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.



Faculty of Public Health and Policy
Public Health, Environments and Society


Centre for Evaluation


I am a deputy module organiser for the distance learning module Evaluation of Public Health Interventions (PHM219) 

I also teach on the MSc module Statistical Methods for Epidemiology and act as tutor on the Public Health for Development MSC course 


My research focusses on understanding the manner in which spatial and socio-demographic determinants of morbidity, mortality and enagegement with healthcare influence health outcomes particularly in resource-poor regions,

A major focus of my work has been on the impact of anti-retroviral therapy (ART) on health outcomes in populations with a high burden of HIV.

Research Area
Child health
Complex interventions
Health inequalities
Health outcomes
Social and structural determinants of health
Capacity strengthening
Electronic health records
Evidence use
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Global Health
Mobile technologies
Randomised controlled trials
Spatial analysis
Life-course epidemiology
GIS/Spatial analysis
Disease and Health Conditions
Infectious disease
Sexually transmitted disease
Tropical diseases
Least developed countries: UN classification
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)

Selected Publications

Changing use of traditional healthcare amongst those dying of HIV related disease and TB in rural South Africa from 2003-2011: a retrospective cohort study
Mee, P.; Wagner, R.G.; Gomez-Olive, F.X.; Kabudula, C.; Kahn, K.; Madhavan, S.; Collinson, M.; Byass, P.; Tollman, S.M.
Bmc Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Comparing verbal autopsy cause of death findings as determined by physician coding and probabilistic modelling: a public health analysis of 54 000 deaths in Africa and Asia.
Byass, P. ; Herbst, K. ; Fottrell, E. ; Ali, M.M. ; Odhiambo, F. ; Amek, N. ; Hamel, M.J. ; Laserson, K.F. ; Kahn, K. ; Kabudula, C. ; Mee, P. ; Bird, J. ; Jakob, R. ; Sankoh, O. ; Tollman, S.M. ;
J Glob Health
A Successful Failure: Missing the MDG4 Target for Under-Five Mortality in South Africa.
Byass, P. ; Kabudula, C.W. ; Mee, P. ; Ngobeni, S. ; Silaule, B. ; Gómez-Olivé, F.X. ; Collinson, M.A. ; Tugendhaft, A. ; Wagner, R.G. ; Twine, R. ; Hofman, K. ; Tollman, S.M. ; Kahn, K. ;
PLoS Med
Performance of four computer-coded verbal autopsy methods for cause of death assignment compared with physician coding on 24,000 deaths in low- and middle-income countries.
Desai, N. ; Aleksandrowicz, L. ; Miasnikof, P. ; Lu, Y. ; Leitao, J. ; Byass, P. ; Tollman, S. ; Mee, P. ; Alam, D. ; Rathi, S.K. ; Singh, A. ; Kumar, R. ; Ram, F. ; Jha, P. ;
HIV/AIDS-related mortality in Africa and Asia: evidence from INDEPTH health and demographic surveillance system sites.
Streatfield, P.K. ; Khan, W.A. ; Bhuiya, A. ; Hanifi, S.M. ; Alam, N. ; Millogo, O. ; Sié, A. ; Zabré, P. ; Rossier, C. ; Soura, A.B. ; Bonfoh, B. ; Kone, S. ; Ngoran, E.K. ; Utzinger, J. ; Abera, S.F. ; Melaku, Y.A. ; Weldearegawi, B. ; Gomez, P. ; Jasseh, M. ; Ansah, P. ; Azongo, D. ; Kondayire, F. ; Oduro, A. ; Amu, A. ; Gyapong, M. ; Kwarteng, O. ; Kant, S. ; Pandav, C.S. ; Rai, S.K. ; Juvekar, S. ; Muralidharan, V. ; Wahab, A. ; Wilopo, S. ; Bauni, E. ; Mochamah, G. ; Ndila, C. ; Williams, T.N. ; Khagayi, S. ; Laserson, K.F. ; Nyaguara, A. ; Van Eijk, A.M. ; Ezeh, A. ; Kyobutungi, C. ; Wamukoya, M. ; Chihana, M. ; Crampin, A. ; Price, A. ; Delaunay, V. ; Diallo, A. ; Douillot, L. ; Sokhna, C. ; Gómez-Olivé, F.X. ; Mee, P. ; Tollman, S.M. ; Herbst, K. ; Mossong, J. ; Chuc, N.T. ; Arthur, S.S. ; Sankoh, O.A. ; Byass, P. ;
Glob Health Action
Determinants of the risk of dying of HIV/AIDS in a rural South African community over the period of the decentralised roll-out of antiretroviral therapy: a longitudinal study.
Mee, P. ; Collinson, M.A. ; Madhavan, S. ; Kabudula, C. ; Gómez-Olivé, F.X. ; Kahn, K. ; Tollman, S.M. ; Hargreaves, J. ; Byass, P. ;
Glob Health Action
Evaluation of the WHO criteria for antiretroviral treatment failure among adults in South Africa.
Mee, P.; Fielding, K.L.; Charalambous, S.; Churchyard, G.J.; Grant, A.D.;
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